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The handmaids tale season 2

The Handmaids Tale Season 2 Worum geht es in der 2. Staffel der Serie The Handmaid's Tale?

"Gilead is within you" is a favorite saying of Aunt Lydia. In Season Two, Offred and all our characters will fight against - or succumb to - this dark truth. Episodenführer Season 2 – Desfred und andere Mägde werden in Boston in einem Baseball-Stadion zusammengetrieben, wo sie gehängt werden sollen. Liste der The-Handmaid's-Tale-Episoden der zweiten Staffel. June (June). Staffel 2 Episode 1 (The Handmaid's Tale 2x01). Offred (Elisabeth Moss). Die zweite Staffel wurde auf deutsch ab dem 2. August auf dem Streaming-​Portal EntertainTV der Telekom veröffentlicht. Nr. (ges.). Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»The Handmaid's Tale - Season 2 [5 DVDs]«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen!

the handmaids tale season 2

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The Handmaids Tale Season 2 Video

The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Trailer (HD) the handmaids tale season 2 Waterford geht davon aus, dass ihr Mann unfruchtbar ist continue reading fordert June dazu auf, sich von Nick schwängern zu lassen. Desfred erfährt von ihr, dass das Kind der Putnams krank ist. Smart Power. Teil die des todes harry heiligtГјmer und 1 potter auf Rechnung Kostenlose Rücksendung. The Word. Danke, sonst viel Trans-amerika-express stream mit der Serie Go here Elisabeth Moss erwägt die Konsequenzen einer gefährlichen Entscheidung während sie von Erinnerungen aus ihrer Vergangenheit heimgesucht wilde wasser, die sie in die gewalttätigen Anfangstage von Gilead führen. Fear the Walking Dead Staffel 4 Blu-ray. Artikel am Lager. Filme online kaufen: The Handmaid's Tale - Season 2 DVD bei günstig bestellen. Bei uns finden Sie auch viele weitere Filme auf DVD - jetzt stöbern! Die Blu-ray Disc The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 (Blu-ray) jetzt für 13,99 Euro kaufen. Ebenso spannend wie erschreckend, setzt die 2. Staffel des Dystopie-Dramas "​The Handmaid's Tale" unmittelbar an die Geschehnisse der ersten Staffel an.

As to who takes over next? Stay tuned. Even more intriguing is the way she brings June into the fold. Who knows what the commander will think if, or when, he wakes up, but for now, this alliance is ripe with potential, and this moment of coming-together is fully earned by the careful work the show has done with Serena and June to get to it.

But the emotional heartbeat of the episode rests in the quieter moments: the aftermath of an event simultaneously tragic and triumphant.

She and Luke learn of the bombing back in Gilead and fear that June may have been killed. As Moira flips through, while flashing back to her experience of pregnancy as the well-paid surrogate of an English couple, the broader theme of the episode shines through: dozens of nameless women, pictured dead and often alone, with nobody able to identify them.

Janine explains that the terrorist attack created a handmaid shortage, so some needed to return. June is relieved. Then, in a less flashy reunion, the first thing June says to Emily is her name, adding she never got to tell her before.

Emily smiles. In the process, she creates what sounds like the most intimate game of telephone ever: a chorus of whispers flowing through the sequence, against a slightly uplifting score, each person finally revealing who they are to one another.

The Handmaid's Tale recap: Reclaiming your power. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More. Image zoom. The Handmaid's Tale. TV Show.

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S3 E4 Recap. The Handmaid's Tale season premiere recap: The 7 biggest moments. S2 E13 Recap. And how do you know there's an Eye in my house?

Retrieved July 23, Retrieved June 26, The group has a plan to escape, but Luke refuses to leave — until Zoe Rosa Gilmore , one of the rebels, shows him a town that was hanged from the rafters of their church after trying to resist.

Signature Reads. Finally, one of these guardian angels discreetly escorts him to a local church building, driving home the point of what's at stake for those who attempt to survive and resist from within.

Following her great escape from Handmaid training, Moira is helped by a Quaker family. Since we last saw the escapee, she made it to Boston, hooked up with some Quakers who had ties to the Femaleroad that helped smuggle handmaids out of the country.

She didn't make it farther than an office park outside the city. Retrieved May 4, Retrieved June 2, In a moment alone with Rita, Offred asks her to act as a godparent, telling her, "I want my baby to know kindness.

I need her to have someone kind in her life. Nobody but June is going to put this baby first. Retrieved July 31, She got out.

It was impossible, and she did it. The New York Times. Retrieved July 5, Retrieved July 13, Margaret Atwood 's The Handmaid's Tale. The Handmaid's Tale The Testaments Hidden categories: Articles with short description Articles containing potentially dated statements from August All articles containing potentially dated statements Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from November All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention Official website not in Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

Download as PDF Printable version. Bruce Miller. A family is pursued by a group of armed men. The woman is caught, and separated from her young daughter and husband as shots are fired in the distance.

She is now known as Offred, the handmaid to Commander Fred Waterford. While walking, she and another handmaid, Ofglen, pass by a wall on which men have been hanged for crimes such as being gay, working in an abortion clinic, and being a Catholic priest.

Another woman, Janine, is rude to Aunt Lydia and is shocked with a cattle prod; later, her right eye is removed as punishment.

In the present, Commander Waterford tries to impregnate Offred during "the Ceremony". The next day, the handmaids are encouraged to beat a man to death for allegedly raping a pregnant handmaid and killing her baby.

On the way home, Ofglen warns her there is an Eye in the Waterford house. Offred affirms to herself that her name is June and she intends to survive to find her daughter.

June and Ofglen go shopping, and they reveal more personal information about themselves to each other. While they are walking, they see St.

Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan to try to "erase" the fact that it ever existed. When June asks how Ofglen knows this information, Ofglen reveals that she is part of a resistance movement against the government, but June declines to join.

In flashbacks, June remembers the birth of her daughter, Hannah. At that time healthy births were already rare, and a woman tried to kidnap baby Hannah and was arrested.

In the present, June warily goes to the Commander's office, but he simply wants to play Scrabble , to her relief. The next day, a different woman introduces herself as Ofglen.

In flashbacks, the rise of Gilead is detailed through June's eyes: June and her female colleagues were fired and the government froze women's bank accounts and ruled they could no longer own property.

Aunt Lydia shocks June with a cattle prod for being disrespectful and quoting from the Bible but before Aunt Lydia can hit June again, Serena intervenes, believing June is pregnant.

When June later tells Serena that she's not, Serena angrily locks her in her room. In a flashback, June and Moira attend a protest against the new laws which is interrupted by automatic gunfire and explosives.

In the present, Ofglen and the Martha she's in a relationship with are charged with "gender treachery". The fertile Ofglen is reassigned but the Martha is hanged.

Later, Ofglen referred to by her "old" name, Emily awakes to find, to her grief and anger, that she has undergone female genital mutilation surgery, as explained by Aunt Lydia.

Mike Barker. Leila Gerstein. Banished to her room, June retreats to her closet where she finds a Latin phrase, Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum , scratched discreetly into the wall.

When Rita, the Martha assigned as the Commander's housekeeper, finds June lying on the floor, June tells her that she fainted so Serena sends her to the hospital for a check-up.

During the examination the physician remarks that the Commander is most likely sterile and offers to impregnate June, but she declines.

In flashbacks, Aunt Lydia teaches the handmaids about The Ceremony in which a commander endeavors to fertilize a handmaid. June and Moira plan to go to Boston, which has safe houses.

Moira catches the train but June is detained by a soldier and returned to the Red Centre. In the present, Commander Waterford has an unsuccessful Ceremony night, but later that night, they play Scrabble again.

She asks him about the Latin phrase, and he tells her it means, Don't let the bastards grind you down. She learns that the previous Offred killed herself because life was unbearable.

June is released from her confinement. Serena suggests to June that she have sex with Nick in case Commander Waterford is sterile.

Later that day, Serena leads June up to Nick's room and waits by the door while June and Nick have detached sex. Flashbacks detail June and Luke's first meeting and courtship.

During a Ceremony night, the Commander touches June's thigh, which she later tells him never to do again. She also confronts him about Emily.

He admits that while they thought they were building a better world, they knew that "better never means better for everyone.

At an open-air market, June questions Emily about the resistance group which is called Mayday. Emily jumps behind the steering wheel of a Mercedes and drives erratically around the plaza.

She hits a guard, and is caught and put into a black van. June returns to Nick's coach house alone, and they have passionate sex.

Floria Sigismondi. When Mexican trade delegates visit the Waterfords' home to evaluate the effects of the Gilead cultural movement, June is asked about her experience; she lies, saying that she is happy.

The handmaids are taken to a function to demonstrate Gilead's success, illustrated by a parade of Commanders' children to whom the handmaids have given birth.

The next day, June tells Mexico's ambassador the truth about Gilead and asks for her help, but the ambassador is unable to do anything.

However, June is told by the ambassador's assistant that Luke is alive and a message can be sent to him.

A flashback details Serena and Fred's life at the beginnings of the Gilead movement, when Serena was a conservative cultural activist with passion and intelligence equal to her husband's.

It is revealed that she wrote a book about her beliefs, titled A Woman's Place. The Waterfords are shown to have been involved with the movement since the beginning, and Fred later finds out that the movement will attack the U.

After the takeover, Serena is completely shut out and accepts her new role in the society she helped create.

A copy of her book is seen being thrown out with the trash. A flashback chronicles Luke's story after he was separated from June and Hannah.

Luke is shot and injured but escapes when the ambulance crashes. He passes out from his wounds and is rescued by a resistance group traveling to Canada with many survivors, including Erin, a mute escaped handmaid and Zoe, the daughter of a US Army soldier.

A further flashback shows Luke, June, and Hannah before they were separated. June and Luke are helped by Mr.

Whitford, a man who knew June's mother. He leaves them at a secluded cabin in the woods while he arranges documentation for them to escape to Canada.

However, he is caught and hanged, and a local hunter attempts to help them instead. While in the main administrative office, Luke receives the letter from June which reads, "I love you so much.

Save Hannah. Commander Waterford gifts June with makeup and a dress and takes her out for the night. Nick drives them to Boston to an underground brothel , where sex workers known as "Jezebels" work.

June spots Moira and they briefly reunite. Nick trades drugs and pregnancy tests for alcohol with Beth, one of the brothel's Marthas.

June goes to see Moira again, and she explains to June how Quakers tried to help her escape but were caught.

Flashbacks detail how Nick, struggling with unemployment and a troubled family, got involved with the Sons of Jacob and subsequently the Gilead movement, and how he became an Eye after reporting a Commander for breaking protocol with his handmaids.

The suicide of the previous Offred is shown. In the present, after Nick drives Waterford and June home, he ends his relationship with June, which upsets and angers her.

The episode closes with June etching the words "You are not alone" into the closet wall. Janine's daughter is handed over to Commander Putnam and his wife, then Janine is transferred to another couple and renamed Ofdaniel.

During the first Ceremony night with her new Commander, Janine forcefully stops the proceedings. At the market, Alma tells June that she is involved with Mayday, and requests that June retrieve a package from the bar at Jezebel's.

June convinces Waterford to take her to Jezebel's again that night. Waterford presents June with Moira and June privately asks Moira to retrieve the package, but she refuses.

The next day June is taken to a bridge where Janine is standing on the edge with baby Charlotte, while many, including the Putnams, stand fearfully by.

Janine shouts that Commander Putnam promised to leave his wife for her. June convinces Janine to give her Charlotte, but Janine then jumps into the icy water.

Later, while Janine lies comatose in the hospital, Commander Putnam is led away by guards. Putnam causes Serena to doubt her husband's loyalty.

At the market, June is given a package by the butcher, sent by Moira from Jezebel's. At the brothel, Moira kills a client and takes his clothes, then drives off in his car.

In the present, after discovering Fred's trips to Jezebels, Serena forces June to take a pregnancy test, which ends up being positive.

Serena angrily accuses Fred, telling him the child is not his. After learning the news, Nick and June have a tender moment.

Serena takes June to see Hannah, but leaves her in the car. Serena warns June that Hannah will be safe as long as June's unborn child is.

Following his trial, Commander Putnam's left arm is amputated below the elbow. The package from Jezebel's contains letters from women who lost family members and have been enslaved in the Gilead takeover.

Later, an emotional Aunt Lydia gathers the handmaids and instructs them to stone Janine. The handmaids hesitate and eventually June and the others refuse, dropping their stones.

Following this, a black van comes for June, something the Waterfords were unaware of. Nick urges her to trust him and go with them.

As June leaves, she whispers to Rita where to find the hidden letters. Meanwhile, Moira reaches Canada, is granted asylum and is reunited with Luke.

The handmaids are taken to Fenway Park , where they are made to believe they will be hanged. When June rejects a meal Lydia gives her, she is shown Ofwyatt chained in a prison room due to her attempted suicide.

June agrees to eat and the handmaids are punished through burning with a gas flame. June is taken to a doctor for a pregnancy check-up, where she is visited by the Waterfords.

Afterward, she finds a key in one of her boots, which she uses to escape to a truck parked underneath the hospital. The truck drops her off at a safe house in Back Bay , where she meets Nick, while Fred authorizes a search party.

Nick tells June to change out of her clothes and to cut her hair. In flashbacks throughout the episode, Hannah is admitted to the hospital for having a fever while in school, and June is questioned by one of the hospital workers about giving Hannah medication to bypass the school's fever policy.

The authorities suggest she is a bad mother for working and wanting her child in school. June has been transported to the abandoned headquarters of The Boston Globe.

Emily murders her with poisoned tablets as she blames her for what she perceives to be "holding a woman down while her husband rapes her".

In a flashback, Emily is told by her boss, Dan, that she will not be teaching the following semester at the university, giving her a lower profile to avoid attracting criticism for her sexual orientation.

Dan is later seen hanged with the word "faggot" painted underneath him. When Emily, along with her wife Sylvia and son Oliver, attempt to emigrate to Canada, she is unable to leave the country because same-sex marriage is no longer recognized, and it becomes known that she is Oliver's biological mother.

In the present, June makes a news-clipping memorial for The Boston Globe employees who were executed at the newspaper's former headquarters, and prays to God to send an angel to watch over them.

June learns about the emergence of the Sons of Jacob in newspaper archives and is moved to a place where she meets Omar, who tells her he is taking her to a safe house.

When he learns the safe house has been compromised, he tries to leave without her. June makes him take her with him to his apartment, where she meets his wife Heather and their son Adam.

When the family goes to church , June finds a hidden Qur'an. June dons Heather's Econowife outfit and leaves. After a train ride, June advances to the airstrip that Omar had told her about; the airplane is intercepted, the pilot is executed, and June and another fugitive are apprehended by the Guardians.

Moira, now living with Luke and Erin, gives a tour to a new co-worker, but he has a breakdown, traumatized by his acts as a Guardian.

Holly was later disappointed at June's career and plan to marry, having hoped June would become an activist. June is recaptured and Lydia explains that June must choose between imprisonment, followed by execution after childbirth, or return as a handmaid.

The Waterfords treat June's disappearance as a kidnapping, but privately Serena is furious. Rita returns the letters she found and tells June that she will no longer be involved.

A baby shower is held for Serena, incorporating prayer and a binding of June to Serena. June learns from Alma that Ofglen No.

Lydia takes June out to show her Omar hanging, telling June that Omar's wife Heather is now a handmaid, their son Adam was given away, and this was June's fault.

Lydia encourages her to distinguish between Offred's identity and June's, saying June is to blame, not Offred.

In a flashback, June is harassed by Luke's first wife Annie, who tells her that she and Luke made wedding vows before God, and June should back off, but Luke rejects Annie's plea.

Years later, Annie sees Luke and June in a restaurant with Hannah. June feels responsible for other people's suffering and collapses under the knowledge of Omar's family's fate.

She prays that Hannah will forget her. June burns some letters she had been keeping for Mayday. She notices vaginal bleeding but does not inform anyone.

Nick notices June's apparent depression and informs Serena. Serena, alarmed at Nick's interest in June, apprises Fred, who arranges for Nick to be married at a Prayvaganza where loyal Guardians receive a wife.

Nick's new, extremely young bride, Eden, moves into his room. He avoids sleeping with her. Nick later finds June bloody and unconscious and she is hospitalized.

June awakens in the hospital and promises her baby that they both will escape Gilead. In the Colonies, Janine assures Emily that God is protecting them through their struggles in Gilead, and helps to arrange a small wedding for a dying worker, officiated by another unwoman who is a rabbi.

Emily, who has begun to lose her teeth through radiation poisoning, argues with Janine for attempting to bring brightness to a place that otherwise seems so bleak.

When the newlywed unwoman dies, the rabbi officiates at the burial as the deceased is lowered into her grave in a cemetery adorned with crosses.

Advised by a doctor that a harmonious household would benefit the child, Serena shows care for June, giving her the sitting room as a bedroom and inviting her friends for brunch.

When Serena shows June the nursery for the baby, June asks to see Hannah. In retaliation, Serena moves June back to her previous room.

Eden reveals to June that she fears Nick may be a "gender traitor" due to his reluctance for intimacy, so June warns him.

Nick has sex with Eden, but only after he tells June that he loves her. Fred visits June and gives her a photograph of Hannah.

Ofglen No. Flashbacks show the beginning of the Gilead movement with Serena being attacked while promoting her book A Woman's Place.

After being booed, Fred forces Serena to finish her speech, which is met by jeers and clapping, escalating when a protester shoots Serena in the stomach area.

Fred oversees executions of those students involved in his wife's shooting. Despite being near the front Fred survives with injuries.

Serena takes on some of his duties, forging his signature. Commander Cushing then takes Commander Pryce's role, increases checkpoints, and orders numerous people executed.

He questions June and asks who aided her in fleeing the country. June responds that she was kidnapped. Serena is alarmed at her household being targeted and the loss of temporary power she held, so she forges orders to have Commander Cushing arrested.

Because many handmaids were killed, some women from the Colonies are made to serve as handmaids again, including Janine and Emily.

Both reunite with June in the grocery store, where Janine happily tells June that it was God's plan that she be rescued. June tells Emily her true name and several of the handmaids whisper their names to one another.

Serena enlists June's help in performing Fred's work for him while he is hospitalized. Moira is revealed to have been a surrogate birth mother for a couple and Odette was their obstetrician.

In the present, Moira eventually finds photographs showing Odette was killed. Serena gives June a music box and flower for June's help in completing Fred's work while he is in the hospital.

Serena tells June that the Putnams' child is ill and not gaining weight. June advocates for Janine to be able to see the baby, and Serena agrees to ask about it.

Naomi Putnam dislikes the idea, but she is overruled by her husband. Serena petitions Fred to allow the child to be seen by a Martha who, prior to the Sons of Jacob coup, was a top neonatologist.

Fred denies the request so Serena forges Fred's signature on an order that temporarily transfers the Martha to the hospital. Lydia tells June that she will hold her responsible if anything goes wrong with Janine's visit to the hospital.

The neonatologist can find no physical explanation for the child's deterioration and recommends no further treatment other than supportive care.

When Fred discovers that Serena forged his signature on an order to temporarily transfer the Martha, he belts Serena.

After Eden rearranges Nick's garret and uncovers the bundle of handmaids' letters, he demands that Eden never touch his belongings.

Jeremy Podeswa. The Waterfords and Nick travel to Canada on a diplomatic mission.

It all feels so gratuitous, like a beating that never ends. June is separated from her baby check this out expected to provide milk. The bombing kills 26 commanders and 31 handmaids. Binge Central. February 8, Season 4 Premiere. After unsuccessfully trying to convince Serena to defect read article a second time, Mark leaves a radio englisch unertrГ¤glich Serena when she returns to Gilead so she can contact click the following article if necessary. The commander to whom Read article is newly assigned as handmaid collapses and dies during the Ceremony. Don't worry — this definitely isn't the last of Ann Dowd in the series.

The Handmaids Tale Season 2 - Themenwelten

Serena wacht noch stärker als zuvor über Desfred und bietet ihr an, dass sie in ihrem Zimmer schlafen soll. Emily erfährt von Eleanor, der Ehefrau von Commander Lawrence, dass er nicht nur das ökonomische System der Gilead, sondern auch die Kolonien geschaffen hat. Autor: Margaret Atwood.

Then, in a less flashy reunion, the first thing June says to Emily is her name, adding she never got to tell her before. Emily smiles.

In the process, she creates what sounds like the most intimate game of telephone ever: a chorus of whispers flowing through the sequence, against a slightly uplifting score, each person finally revealing who they are to one another.

The Handmaid's Tale recap: Reclaiming your power. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More. Image zoom. The Handmaid's Tale.

TV Show. Episode Recaps Previous. S3 E13 Recap. The Handmaid's Tale season 3 finale recap: The 5 biggest moments. S3 E12 Recap.

The Handmaid's Tale recap: The 5 biggest moments from 'Sacrifice'. S3 E11 Recap. The Handmaid's Tale recap: The 5 biggest moments from 'Liars'.

S3 E10 Recap. The Handmaid's Tale recap: The 5 biggest moments from 'Witness'. S3 E9 Recap. The Handmaid's Tale recap: The 5 biggest moments from 'Heroic'.

S3 E8 Recap. The Handmaid's Tale recap: The 5 biggest moments from 'Unfit'. S3 E7 Recap. S3 E6 Recap. The Handmaid's Tale recap: The 5 biggest moments in 'Household'.

S3 E5 Recap. S3 E4 Recap. The Handmaid's Tale season premiere recap: The 7 biggest moments. S2 E13 Recap. The Handmaid's Tale finale recap: The long road to freedom.

S2 E12 Recap. The Handmaid's Tale recap: A Gilead tragedy. S2 E11 Recap. The Handmaid's Tale recap: Life, death, and Oprah. S2 E10 Recap.

The Handmaid's Tale recap: Can this show get any darker? S2 E9 Recap. The Handmaid's Tale recap: Things are different in Canada. Through the dystopian worlds of Gilead and the Colonies, season two underscores not only issues concerning women's rights but also those related to environmentalism and family separation.

When you add June's pregnancy, love triangle , and backstory into the mix, you get a whole lot of momentum for relevant and compelling TV.

Unsurprisingly, there's a ton of anticipation for season three , which is slated to come out on June 5. Still, it's been about a year since we last saw new episodes, so if you've forgotten some of the details, you're definitely not alone.

Read ahead to refresh your memory of the most important twists and turns from season two of The Handmaid's Tale! The bombing kills 26 commanders and 31 handmaids.

Plus, it leads to other consequences that change up the course of the second season. Emily and Janine initially exiled return to Gilead from the Colonies because there's a shortage of handmaids.

Serena also recruits June's help in overlooking Fred's duties while he's recuperating in the hospital.

She goes as far as having his colleague Commander Cushing arrested. Being the monster that he is, Fred reacts cruelly to being undermined and, in a very chilling scene, beats Serena when he finds out.

When the Waterfords visit Canada, Nick stops by to meet with Luke and lets him know about June's whereabouts, including her pregnancy.

It's awkward because Luke doesn't know that Nick, and not the Commander, is actually the father of June's baby. But anyway, he hands off June's handmaid letters to Luke, who publishes them with Moira and Erin.

This pressures the Canadian government to cancel the Waterfords' diplomatic summit. A man named Mark offers Serena immunity if she agrees to denounce Gilead, but she ends up refusing his offer.

Fred, aka one of Gilead's worst human beings , plays around with the idea of allowing June to see her daughter. After sexually assaulting the handmaid, he arranges for her to briefly visit Hannah in an abandoned home.

Nick gets captured, and the Waterfords are unable to track June, who is hiding in the house after meeting with Hannah. June gives birth by herself, naming her daughter Holly after her mother, though Serena later renames the baby Nicole when they track down June.

Prior to the establishment of Gilead, Serena was a passionate conservative activist who wrote a book called A Woman's Place.

In the past, a protester shot her in the abdomen, which likely rendered her sterile. Because of the patriarchal society Serena created, she ironically gets a limited role because she is a woman.

Later, Serena does try to step up by rallying for an amendment to let girls read the Bible but gets her finger cut off as a result. Eden does her best to please Nick, but he mostly rebuffs her advances because he's in love with June.

Anyway, Eden elopes with a guard named Isaac, and she gets turned in by her own father.

Nachdem Nick abgeführt wurde, sucht June verzweifelt einer Fluchtmöglichkeit. Jordana Blake. Die Offred faces a grueling challenge alone as she recalls her life as a mother. Danke, sonst viel Spass mit der Serie Doch Fred ist ihr auf den Versen. Waterford erinnert sich daran, click sie sich in Https:// Die Erbschaft. You can still tell that the guiding hand of Margaret Atwood is there to ensure horrorfilme psycho continuing authenticity. More info erfährt von Nick, dass June schwanger ist und sich vorerst in Sicherheit befindet. Erste Rezension schreiben.

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