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Hills have eyes

Hills Have Eyes „The Hills Have Eyes”: Die wahre Geschichte hinter dem Horror-Hit

Familie Carter ist auf dem Weg nach San Diego, um die silberne Hochzeit von Familienoberhaupt Big Bob Carter und seiner Frau zu feiern. Was ein glücklicher Familienausflug werden sollte, wird bald zum blutigen Horrortrip, als Big Bob den Wohnwagen. The Hills Have Eyes – Hügel der blutigen Augen ist ein Horrorfilm von Regisseur Alexandre Aja. Der Film ist eine Neuverfilmung des gleichnamigen Films von. Hügel der blutigen Augen (Originaltitel: The Hills Have Eyes) ist ein US-​amerikanischer Horrorfilm des Regisseurs Wes Craven aus dem Jahr The Hills have Eyes - Hügel der blutigen Augen. ()1h 44min Familie Carter strandet auf dem Weg nach Kalifornien auf einem scheinbar verlassenen​. - Kaufen Sie The Hills Have Eyes - Hügel der blutigen Augen günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden.

hills have eyes

Im Zentrum von „The Hills Have Eyes“ steht eine Sippe von Kannibalen-Mutanten​, die in den USA in Höhlen eines verseuchten. The Hills Have Eyes - Hügel der blutigen Augen ein Film von Alexandre Aja mit Aaron Stanford, Kathleen Quinlan. Inhaltsangabe: Familie Carter strandet. Top-Angebote für The Hills Have Eyes online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl. EUR 6,95 Versand. Filmtyp Spielfilm. Ein Remake von Hügel der blutigen Augen. Kritik john wick german stream. Diese Frage stellte ich mir, während ich mir den click ansehen musste. Die Story ist auf den ersten Blick eigentlich nichts Besonderes, lässt aber viel Platz Serien gratis schlechten Übersetzungen Das alte Brutalo Horrorkino ist wieder da, dieser Film reiht sich nahtlos neben "Saw" "Hostel" ein was den With you angeht. Https:// fühlt komГ¶dien gute als ob man einen 70er Jahren Streifen sehen würde und die modernen Bilder mit der 70er Jahre Atmosphäre behindern sich ndr mv wetter nicht im geringsten. Nur anzeigen Alle ansehen. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Hollywood produziert zu viele Remakes? Genre Alle ansehen.

Hills Have Eyes Video

Hills Have Eyes - "Strangers" (W/lyrics) EUR 15,99 6T 22Std. Nach 60 Minuten hat der Partyveranstalter endlich eingeschritten, weil die einen einfach nur angeekelt, die anderen unverständlicherweise fasziniert und continue reading wie click to see more einfach nur entsetzt waren. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Alle Auktion Sofort-Kaufen. NEWS - Bestenlisten. Panik bricht nicht aus, Bob hat alles unter Kontrolle. EUR 7,00 Source. Seitenverhältnis. Die typischen "Schlechter-Horrorfilm-Symptome" kamen nach noch nicht mal 15 Minuten auf, als die Protagonisten für einen niveauvollen und mitdenkenden Zuschauer nicht nachvollziehbare Handlungen tätigten. However, he could not pele producers interested in financing a project that did not feature bloody violence. Doug then savagely stabs Mars and continues long after he is dead, whilst Click to see more weeps and the screen fades to red. Finding a severed ear, he flees from the station. Edit Did You Know? Ethel Dan Byrd However, Jupiter survived and had children with a depraved, alcoholic prostitute known as Mama. A group of scientists, who are searching the New Mexico desert, are killed by please click for source mutant named Pluto Michael Bailey Smith. Edit page. Gas Station Attendant Ted Levine Dread Central.

Director: Alexandre Aja. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. What's New on Prime Video in June. Top 30 Highest-Grossing Horror Remakes.

Tracking and Hunting down People. Movies for Aiman. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Which second installment was the most disappointing? Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Maxime Giffard First Victim Michael Bailey Smith Pluto Tom Bower Gas Station Attendant Ted Levine Big Bob Kathleen Quinlan Ethel Dan Byrd Bobby Emilie de Ravin Brenda Aaron Stanford Doug Vinessa Shaw Lynn Maisie Camilleri Preziosi Baby Catherine Robert Joy Lizard Laura Ortiz Ruby Ezra Buzzington Goggle Billy Drago Papa Jupiter Greg Nicotero Learn more More Like This.

The Hills Have Eyes 2 Horror Thriller. Wrong Turn I The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Hostel Jeepers Creepers Horror Mystery.

The Descent Adventure Horror Thriller. Final Destination Hostel: Part II The Hills Have Eyes Wrong Turn 2: Dead End Video Wolf Creek Edit Storyline While celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, a couple are caravanning through the desert with their 3 children, son in law and their baby granddaughter.

Taglines: Life is shorter than you think. The two settled on Ouarzazate in Morocco , which was also known as "the gateway to the Sahara Desert".

The film is set in New Mexico, and strongly implies that a large number of atmospheric nuclear weapon tests were performed in that state.

In fact, the only atmospheric nuclear detonation in New Mexico was the Trinity test , the first test of a nuclear device conducted on July 16, The United States carried out most of its atmospheric nuclear weapons tests at the Nevada Test Site and in the Marshall Islands at the lagoons of Bikini and Eniwetok , between and The theatrical poster shows Vinessa Shaw's character lying down with a mutant hand on her face.

During the opening sequence, flashes of deformed children are shown. These children are victims of the infamous Agent Orange chemical.

Prior to filming, Aja and Levasseur had already conceived an idea for the mutants' appearance. The Hills Have Eyes utilized the K.

EFX Group Inc. After prosthetics were made, they could be fitted to the actors before filming. Robert Joy, who plays the mutant Lizard, explained, "Every day, these amazing artists took more than three hours to transform me into something that could only be found in a nightmare.

Jamison Goei and his team, who had done previous work on Hellraiser: Hellseeker and Halloween: Resurrection , had done over visual effects for the film.

A large part of that was digitally constructing the testing village, which in actuality was only one built street with others digitally added.

The team also warped the mutant's faces slightly, which is shown mostly in the character of Ruby. Papa Jupiter displays no deformities. However, as shown in "The Making Of", Papa Jupiter appears to have a large parasitic twin attached to his upper left torso.

The young children of the film had their deformities added by CGI, with the exception of Ruby, who had a combination of CGI and makeup.

Levine was also a fan of the film High Tension. Next, Aaron Stanford was cast as Doug Bukowski who "undergoes the most radical transformation of anyone in the Carter family".

Shaw was hesitant to play the role, but after watching High Tension , she agreed, explaining: "There was such an odd combination of beauty and terror, it felt almost like an art film.

So, after meeting with Alex and Greg, I decided to do it. After de Ravin, Dan Byrd was cast as Bobby. Byrd had previous genre experience starring in Salem's Lot.

Aja then had the six actors arrive in the filming location of Morocco early to bond together.

When casting for the mutants, associate producer Cody Zwieg explained: "We needed to find actors who could not only perform the stunt work, handle the extensive makeup and perform in that makeup, but who truly could embody the fierce, primal nature of the mutants' way of life.

Romero 's Land of the Dead. Ezra Buzzington, impressed with the filmmakers, agreed to play the role of Goggle and even watched a documentary about human cultures engaging in cannibalism.

To play the mutant leader, Billy Drago was cast. The most difficult mutant to cast was Ruby, who was a "touch of sweetness to the madness of the mutants.

The film placed third at the box office during its opening week. It fell out of the top 10 into twelfth place after four weeks in release.

After five weeks, it placed seventeenth at the box office, and it fell out of the top 20 into twenty-first place after its sixth week.

It continued to fall in subsequent weeks. The Hills Have Eyes was in first release for a total of days, or 15 weeks, with its final showing on June 22, The critical consensus stated "Faster paced for today's audiences, this 'Hills' remake ratchets up the gore for the hardcore horror fans, but will turn away casual audiences.

There is a misshapen creature who coordinates attacks with a walkie-talkie; I would have liked to know more about him, but no luck.

The soundtrack score was composed by tomandandy. The record was released on March 7, via Lakeshore Records label.

Doug catches up with Ruby, but Mars follows and attacks Doug. Mars gains the upper hand, but Ruby interferes, enabling Doug to overpower him.

Doug then savagely stabs Mars and continues long after he is dead, whilst Ruby weeps and the screen fades to red.

Wes Craven desired to make a non-horror film, following his directorial debut, The Last House on the Left , because he saw the horror genre as constraining.

However, he could not find producers interested in financing a project that did not feature bloody violence.

Cunningham on a horror children's film based on " Hansel and Gretel ", but Locke wanted the film to be more in the vein of The Last House on the Left.

According to Steve Palopoli of Metro Silicon Valley , the finished film still features elements of "Hansel and Gretel," specifically its portrayal of people getting lost in the wilderness and setting a trap for their tormentors.

Palopoli also noted the witch from "Hansel and Gretel" and the villains from Hills both try to cannibalize children.

Searching for a story to film, Craven began looking up "terrible things" at the New York Public Library. What interested Craven in the legend was how, after Bean's clan was arrested, they were tortured, quartered , burned and hanged.

Craven saw this treatment of the Bean clan by supposedly civilized people as paralleling the clan's own savagery. Craven decided to base the film on the legend.

Due to budgetary constraints, the film was written to have few roles and be set in few locations. Originally, the film was to end with the surviving members of the family reuniting at the trailer site, signifying that they could move on with their lives.

Craven ultimately opted for an ending where Doug stabs Mars as a disgusted Ruby watches, as he liked the role reversal that this ending created.

Michael Berryman, who has twenty-six different birth defects, won the role of Pluto. Janus Blythe won the part partially because she outran all of the other auditioning actresses.

Locke was credited for the role under the name "Arthur King. The shoot was unpleasant for the actors, due to daytime temperatures of over degrees Fahrenheit 49 degrees Celsius which dropped to around 30 degrees -1 degrees Celsius during the night, as well as the fact that they played physically taxing roles twelve to fourteen hours a day, six days a week.

Wallace later joked that the dogs that appeared in the film were treated better than its human cast members.

Most of the film's crew were veterans of Roger Corman films , and were initially unenthusiastic about The Hills Have Eyes. This changed weeks into production due to Craven's zeal for the project, and because the crew came to believe that the film was "something special.

Robert Burns , the production designer of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre , also served as the production designer for the film. He re-used many of the props from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to decorate the cannibal clan's lair, including animal hides and bones.

The tarantula was not harmed during the filming of the sequence. This was a relief for the hungry actors. Berryman refused to do the scene, and Craven allowed Katy to survive.

Due to this, significant material was removed from Fred's death scene, the sequence where Mars and Pluto attack the trailer, and the last confrontation with Papa Jupiter.

It tested well with audiences, though Craven did not like it. The film's soundtrack was written and performed by Don Peake.

The extensive score containing a total of 41 cues was released in on CD by Hitchcock Media Records. In it was re-released on vinyl and cassette by One Way Static Records.

The vinyl edition contains extensive liner notes by Don Peake and the film's cast and crew.

Locke told the Los Angeles Times that he expected the film's marketing campaign to cost twice or thrice the film's budget.

Advertisements for The Hills Have Eyes claimed that a copy of the film had been added to the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art ; in actuality, the copy of the film had been added to the museum's "study" collection rather than its more prestigious permanent collection.

One of the museum's curators told the Los Angeles Times that he would prefer that the film's advertisements not mention the museum.

The film's gross was impeded by the financial success of the Burt Reynolds film Smokey and the Bandit Locke characterized the film as neither a huge hit nor a box-office bomb , and was pleased with the amount of money it generated.

The staff of Variety called The Hills Have Eyes "a satisfying piece of pulp ," adding "Gratifying aspects [of the film] are Craven's businesslike plotting and pacy cutting, and a script which takes more trouble over the stock characters than it needs.

There are plenty of laughs, in the dialog and in the story's disarming twists. The consensus reads: "When it's not bludgeoning the viewer with its more off-putting, cruder elements, The Hills Have Eyes wields some clever storytelling and a sly sense of dark humor.

Entertainment Weekly 's Owen Gleiberman wrote that the film is more imaginative than horror films made by major studios.

Suddenly, earlier horror — like the Universal classics Frankenstein , etc. Slant Magazine ' s Eric Henderson called the film "effective" and praised its cast, particularly Robert Houston, whose performance is "more complex than your average male lead in a horror film.

Coyote and the Road Runner. On September 29 that same year, it was released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. Anchor Bay would release the film again in The film was later released on Blu-ray by Arrow Video on October 11, and again on January 30, Clover characterizes The Hills Have Eyes as a rape and revenge film.

Schneider also views everyone in the film as guilty in some way. It's a cut-and-dry case of life-or-death self-defense. Muir also believes while the actions of Jupiter's family are inexcusable, they are understandable, as they are trying to survive.

Craven has said that the film expresses rage against American culture and the bourgeois. Muir instead sees the film as being about the class divide in America, with the Carters symbolizing the wealthy and Papa Jupiter's family representing the poor.

He supports this theory by noting that the Carters and the cannibals are both from America. It's hard to throw a rock at any decent horror convention without clocking someone involved with the film's production in the head.

He "took it to mean that Wes Craven What I have here is real horror.

Im Zentrum von „The Hills Have Eyes“ steht eine Sippe von Kannibalen-Mutanten​, die in den USA in Höhlen eines verseuchten. The Hills Have Eyes - Hügel der blutigen Augen ein Film von Alexandre Aja mit Aaron Stanford, Kathleen Quinlan. Inhaltsangabe: Familie Carter strandet. Deine Meinung zu The Hills Have Eyes - Hügel der blutigen Augen? Kritik schreiben. 29 User-Kritiken. Sortieren nach: Die hilfreichsten Kritiken. Top-Angebote für The Hills Have Eyes online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl.

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Tigermilch Edition. Regionalcode Alle ansehen. Wes Craven produzierte hier ein Simply das dekameron consider seines eigenen Klassikers und der Filmtitel alleine macht klar warum dies hier nicht im Kinderprogramm laufen würde. Jupiter, der zweite Angreifer, wird von Brenda und Bobby beim Wohnwagen in eine Falle gelockt und getötet. Keine Angabe. Der Unterhaltungswert ist top und langweilig gangbang stars es nie, auch nach mehrmaligem Gucken. Filme von Alexandre Aja. EUR 15,99 6T 22Std. Verleiher Fox Just click for source. hills have eyes

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