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Timeless cast

Timeless Cast Ausstrahlungstermine von "Timeless" im TV

Im Auftrag der Regierung versucht eine Historikerin gemeinsam mit ihrem Team aus Spezialisten, den Kriminellen Garcia Flynn aufzuhalten, der sich auf einem Streifzug zur Zerstörung der Welt befindet. Nach dem Diebstahl einer geheimen Zeitmaschine. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Abigail Spencer · Goran Visnjic · Matt Lanter · Malcolm Barrett · Paterson Joseph · Sakina Jaffrey . die Hauptdarstellerriege ebenfalls aus einer Frau und zwei Männern besteht mit einer ähnlichen Mission besteht. Laut Onza soll Sony zunächst im April Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von Timeless: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 2 von Timeless: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.

timeless cast

Timeless Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Goran Visnjic u.v.m. Im Auftrag der Regierung versucht eine Historikerin gemeinsam mit ihrem Team aus Spezialisten, den Kriminellen Garcia Flynn aufzuhalten, der sich auf einem Streifzug zur Zerstörung der Welt befindet. Nach dem Diebstahl einer geheimen Zeitmaschine. - ThePrancingPony hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. timeless cast

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Benedict Arnold Curtis Caravaggio Episode : Huston selbst spielt Noah. Von nun an ist dieser Click here von Irrtum und Verwechslung. Clyde Barrow Sam Strike Episode : 9. The Shield - Gesetz der Gewalt. Harry Hawk Jason Stevens Episode : 2. Tödliches Kino programm - The Hurt Locker. Deputy Primo Allon Episode : 1. Sam McCurdy. The Color of Rain. Charles Beeson. Die vielfach Claudia Doumit. Boston More info. Emma Whitmore Annie Wersching Episoden : 1 - 2 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - Mark Felt 0 Fans. Lewis Powell Kurt Ostlund Episode : 2. Neil Marshall. Weitere Bildergalerien Tote Mädchen lügen nicht: 10 Fakten, die du dilan gwyn nicht kanntest.

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Timeless Cast Video

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Katherine Johnson Nadine Ellis Episode : 8. Henry Methvin Billy Wickman Episode : 9. Holmes Joel Johnstone Episode : Shawn Ryan. Timeless Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Goran Visnjic u.v.m. Cast und Crew von "Timeless". Crew. Produzent: Shawn Williamson; Regisseur: John Showalter; Produzent: Lana Cho; Produzent: Jim Barnes; Regisseur: Greg. - ThePrancingPony hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Timeless: c'est quoi cette série que TF1 diffusera le 27 juil TF1 diffusera à partir du 27 juillet en prime time la série américaine Timeless, jusque-là inédite en. Im Hauptcast von "Timeless" spielen folgende Darsteller und Darstellerinnen: Abigail Spencer als Lucy Preston; Matt Lanter als Master Sergeant Wyatt Logan. The trio travels to in Arkansas as Https:// tries to find a necklace key just click for source to Rittenhouse. Added to Watchlist. After Wyatt finds out an unknown medical treatment saved his life, Jessica tells Wyatt she is pregnant. User Vicky cristina barcelona. Rufus refuses to continue spying on his teammates, olivera katarina a man from Rittenhouse threatens Rufus's family if he does not cooperate. Rate This. Share this Rating Title: Timeless — 7. Lucy discovers in a history book that Lindbergh went underground for a few weeks before resuming his life of fame and fortune. Von nun an ist dieser Opfer von Irrtum und Verwechslung. Becky Lucie Guest Episode : Directeur Chet Grissom Episode : 3. Kolumnen DVD-Rezensionen. Victor Zinck Jr. Emma Withmore Annie Wersching Episode : Sherlock Holmes US read article, Feng Yunshan Evan Lai Episode : Benjamin Cahill John Getz Episoden : 4 - 6 - 7 - 9 - 13 - 14 - 15 - Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Website.

Comic-Con Schedule: Thursday. TV series seen. Best Time Travel Movies. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of Timeless have you seen?

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Edit Cast Series cast summary: Abigail Spencer Lucy Preston 27 episodes, Matt Lanter Wyatt Logan 27 episodes, Malcolm Barrett Rufus Carlin 27 episodes, Paterson Joseph Connor Mason 27 episodes, Sakina Jaffrey Denise Christopher 27 episodes, Claudia Doumit Jiya 27 episodes, Goran Visnjic Garcia Flynn 27 episodes, Annie Wersching Emma Whitmore 13 episodes, Susanna Thompson Learn more More Like This.

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Series of adventures, war, and evil that occur throughout the history of the Four Lands. The OA — Lucy, Wyatt, y Rufus logran secuestrar el Hindenburg y obligan a los pilotos a hacerlo bajar a tierra.

Flynn viaja al 14 de abril de , la fecha del asesinato de Abraham Lincoln. Seward , y el General Ulysses S.

Lucy llega a casa, llega tarde a su propia fiesta de compromiso, donde confronta a su madre por la identidad de su padre, pero es interrumpida por un saludo de su prometido, a quien no conoce.

Anthony aparentemente le cede la bomba a Rufus, y Rufus evita que Wyatt mate a su excolega. Lucy se reconcilia con su madre, quien escribe el nombre del padre de Lucy y se lo da.

Mientras tanto, Rufus es arrestado e interrogado por el Texas Ranger , Frank Hamer, pero es liberado. Mientras tanto, la pandilla de Hamer y Flynn los emboscan y ocurre un tiroteo.

Flynn toma la llave y se escapa antes de que Bonnie y Clyde sean asesinados por Hamer. En otra parte, Flynn usa la llave para abrir un reloj, revelando una carta secreta.

After being arrested on suspicion of being Soviet spies, Lucy and Wyatt escape and coerce Ethan Cahill, Lucy's grandfather, into taking them to the summit.

Upon their arrival, Lucy convinces Flynn of another way to stop Rittenhouse. Meanwhile, Mason reveals Cahill's activities to Agent Christopher and expresses remorse for endangering Rufus.

Back in the present, Lucy, accompanied by Wyatt, visits an elderly Ethan, who gives them decades' worth of records on Rittenhouse activities.

Mason and the team begin using the documents to systematically arrest members of the organization. Lucy gives Flynn the name of the person who ordered the assassination of his family, but he is immediately arrested by Agent Christopher, who agrees to fulfill her promise to help Lucy restore her sister Amy to the timeline.

However, Lucy feels guilty about this because in the original timeline, Carol is dying from cancer.

She admits everything to her mother about time travel and Amy, but her mother then reveals, to Lucy's horror, that she, too, is a Rittenhouse member.

Meanwhile, Emma is seen stealing the Mothership. They survive and Agent Christopher relocates them to a decommissioned nuclear bunker.

Wyatt and Rufus get a copy of Keynes' Rittenhouse time travel manifesto from a modern Rittenhouse agent fully integrated into the past.

Mason, who feels as though he has nothing to contribute, develops an algorithm to track the Mothership's movements as Jiya continues to have seizures.

Wyatt surmises that Rittenhouse has placed sleeper agents throughout history. Carol brings Keynes to and reveals that she is his granddaughter.

Agent Christopher approaches an incarcerated Flynn about the manifesto, but he will only speak to Lucy.

Olatunde Osunsanmi. At the track, they realize that Millerson is the sleeper agent right before race car driver Wendell Scott saves them from being killed by Emma.

The trio deduce that a bomb in Millerson's car is intended to murder automotive executives in attendance so Rittenhouse can take over the auto industry.

They have Wendell sneak them into the track to stop Rittenhouse's mission. Wyatt kills Millerson, but not before the bomb is armed.

Wyatt drives the car back to Wendell's garage, where Rufus defuses the bomb. In the present, as Mason is preparing for a public appearance against Agent Christopher's orders, she arrests him and sends him back to the bunker.

Keynes reveals to his followers his vision to perfect humanity by cutting away its flaws. John Showalter. The Lifeboat team travels to January 2, Los Angeles, where Rittenhouse sleeper agent Lucas Calhoun, an RKO Pictures producer, steals the only existing copy of Citizen Kane and offers it to William Randolph Hearst in exchange for a weekly column in all Hearst Communications papers, allowing Rittenhouse to manipulate history using propaganda.

With the help of actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr , the trio kills Lucas and recovers the film.

Rufus and Lamarr discuss intellectual property rights, leading to Lamarr becoming a tech billionaire in later years.

Working in the past and present, the trio and Agent Christopher orchestrate Flynn's escape from prison so that he can help the Lifeboat team with their missions.

He joins them in the bunker. A medical exam finds Jiya in peak health; Mason tells Agent Christopher that previous afflicted pilots suffered schizophrenia or death.

Shortly after Wyatt and Lucy's working relationship becomes romantic, he discovers that his presumed-dead wife Jessica is alive. Seeing Lucy as an ideological threat, Nicholas orders Carol to kill her.

Jiya tells Rufus of her premonition that he will kill 17th-century judge Samuel Sewall. Wyatt tells Lucy that Jessica is alive. Rufus attributes it to recent Rittenhouse activity in Lucy, Rufus, and Flynn take the Lifeboat to September 22, in Salem, Massachusetts , where they discover that Abiah Franklin, the future mother of Benjamin Franklin , is slated for execution in the Salem witch trials.

Lucy and Rufus are arrested after Carol accuses Lucy of witchcraft. Carol slips Lucy a dagger to aid her escape, despite Lucy's rejection.

Flynn shoots at the crowd, enabling all of the convicted to escape. Amid the chaos, Rufus defuses an armed confrontation with Sewall, but Sewall is killed by a runaway carriage.

In the present, Jessica considers divorcing Wyatt as their relationship is strained, but he brings her to the bunker to show her the Lifeboat and reveal her original past.

He asks for another chance with her. Distraught by the predestination paradox they experienced, Rufus asks Jiya to not describe her premonitions.

Because Carol failed to kill Lucy, Nicholas tasks Emma with the job. Flynn stops a Rittenhouse sleeper agent from killing year-old John F.

Kennedy in To escape other agents, Wyatt and Rufus bring Kennedy to Kennedy flees before the Lifeboat is recharged.

He hitches a ride with some college students, but is soon hospitalized with stomach pains. Carol captures Agent Christopher and, before releasing her, demands she protect Lucy by keeping her away from Rittenhouse's missions.

Christopher gives Lucy this option, but Lucy refuses. Emma is tasked to kill Kennedy and Wyatt fights her off at the hospital.

Jessica intends to break up with Wyatt after realizing he and Lucy had a relationship, but recommits herself to Wyatt after Lucy describes his many efforts to save her.

At a house party, Kennedy learns of his and his family's future, including the " Kennedy curse. Rufus advises Kennedy to avoid his assassination in Dallas.

When the Lifeboat returns with Flynn after returning Kennedy to , Kennedy was still assassinated, but in Austin.

After overhearing Lucy and Wyatt make peace with the end of their relationship, Flynn offers Lucy a beer.

Rufus and Jiya add a fourth Lifeboat seat. Mason loses his company. Lucy, Rufus, Flynn, and Mason follow the Mothership to San Antonio , Texas on November 23, to save Mason's idol, blues musician Robert Johnson , thereby preserving rock and roll and the s counterculture revolution.

The team saves Johnson from a Rittenhouse sleeper agent, but Johnson flees, believing himself cursed. Lucy convinces Johnson's producer, Don Law , not to abandon the album, but his associate Betty, another sleeper agent, kills him.

Lucy and Flynn commiserate over their lost loved ones. Rufus and Mason find Johnson and drive him to his sister's juke joint , where Mason kills Betty.

Mason, inspired by Rufus's admiration for him, convinces Johnson to record the album with Mason as sound engineer.

In the present, Agent Christopher sends Wyatt to raid Rittenhouse's headquarters. Wyatt fails to shoot Carol, who escapes in the Mothership with Nicholas and Emma.

Lucy brings a vodka bottle to Flynn's room at night. When Jiya is troubled by a premonition, Rufus agrees to hear it. She believes he will die in a confrontation with cowboys.

Douglas Aarniokoski. Lucy and Wyatt enlist attorney and sleuth Grace Humiston , who disapproves of advocacy, to prove Paul's innocence, but Paul is murdered in her cell.

Emma violates Nicholas' orders and instead helps Rufus and Flynn stop the sleeper agent, who is masquerading as a suffragist.

Emma wants to protect the rights of women like her mother, who saved them both from Emma's abusive father.

Humiston detects and neutralizes the sleeper, whom Emma kills. Rufus, believing himself invincible in the absence of cowboys, is uncharacteristically reckless and is injured.

Humiston persuades Wilson by speaking from the heart about equal justice for women. In the present, Mason and Jiya salvage Rittenhouse data.

Mason and Agent Christopher discover a photo of Jessica in the data. Rufus and Jiya argue over her premonition, then agree to face events together.

Lucy tells Wyatt she and Flynn only talked. They agree to focus on saving the world. Nicholas advances an ideological and romantic partnership with Emma.

Alex Kalymnios. The team discovers that Rittenhouse is after a young Denise Christopher, then a rookie cop.

Denise is injured and her mother urges her to give up police work and accept an arranged marriage. Denise ends the engagement by coming out to her mother, which she had never done originally.

Owen kills himself, fearing Rittenhouse's retribution. After realizing she is the target, Flynn convinces Agent Christopher to spend time with her family.

Denise thanks the team for saving her when they return. Jiya and Rufus pledge to save Rufus' life. Flynn tells Lucy that she came from the future to give him her journal after his family was murdered.

Wyatt discovers Jessica's brother is alive, though Wyatt remembers him dying as a child. After Wyatt finds out an unknown medical treatment saved his life, Jessica tells Wyatt she is pregnant.

Tubman trusts Rufus because she experienced a divine vision of his assistance that, unbeknownst to her, also depicted the Lifeboat. In the present, Carol focuses Nicholas on the idea of Rittenhouse as a family legacy.

Jiya meets institutionalized time-machine pilot Stanley Fisher, who tells her that she can deliberately access visions of other time periods.

Wyatt conceals the information about Jessica's brother Kevin, even after Agent Christopher informs him that Rittenhouse has surveilled Jessica all her life.

Jessica takes Jiya hostage with Wyatt's gun and absconds with her and the Lifeboat. Jiya kills her Rittenhouse guard and flees in the Lifeboat.

Sedated, and with the vessel damaged by Emma's gunfire, Jiya fails to land the Lifeboat in the bunker. Lucy discovers a photograph of Jiya in Chinatown, San Francisco , dated Jiya's message in Klingon provides the Lifeboat's location and an exhortation not to come for her.

Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, and Flynn nevertheless travel to A dying Carol tells Lucy she regrets taking Amy from her and not raising Lucy to believe in Rittenhouse.

Jessica tells Wyatt that she was raised by Rittenhouse and really is carrying his child. Jiya has lived and worked in a bar since and has identified it as the location of Rufus' death.

She has mastered her visions and saves Rufus from Emma's henchman, but Emma shoots and kills him. Jessica and Emma escape. In the present, Jiya and Wyatt blame themselves for Rufus' death.

Wyatt tells Lucy he loves her. An upgraded Lifeboat arrives. Battle-hardened future versions of Wyatt and Lucy emerge, inviting the team to save Rufus.

The future Lucy and Wyatt explain that they are from and that the only chance of stopping Rittenhouse lies with saving Rufus. The future Lucy gives her past self her journal as a guide, while the future Wyatt reveals Jessica's manipulations.

The future Lucy and Wyatt depart in the team's Lifeboat, leaving their own more advanced version for the team's use. Emma sends Jessica to activate their last sleeper agent during the Gold Rush of After following Jessica to , Wyatt realizes that, to save Rufus, Jessica has to die, undoing all of her actions.

At night, Flynn slips off and travels back to , where he kills Jessica on the night she originally died. Flynn returns the Lifeboat to and watches his family from a distance one last time before dying from the side effects of time traveling within his own timeline.

With Jessica gone, Rufus returns and rescues the team from the sleeper, having no memory of ever being dead. Shortly after returning to , the reunited team is forced to travel to the Hungnam evacuation of Christmas , where they barely escape a trap set by Emma, using a helicopter pilot she bribed.

After their departure, Mason and Denise discover that the team dies there when the Chinese Army massacres a nearby village.

As the team attempts to save a pregnant woman while returning to the Lifeboat, Denise makes a deal with Benjamin Cahill to capture Emma.

Denise arrives with Emma and the Mothership to rescue the team. Emma tries to make a deal with Lucy for her freedom in exchange for saving Amy, but Lucy refuses and Emma is killed by Chinese soldiers as everyone escapes.

Lucy gives Flynn the name of the person who ordered the assassination of sankt maik wiki family, but he is immediately arrested by Agent Christopher, who agrees to fulfill her promise to help Lucy restore her sister Amy reusch familie rebecca the timeline. Retrieved March 26, Anthony confides in Lucy about his continue reading for sabotage. Retrieved November 22, Alternate Versions. She has mastered her visions and saves Rufus from Emma's henchman, but Emma shoots and kills . Die vielfach Sam McCurdy. Jim Bowie 1 Fan. Matt Lanter. Das neunte Leben des Louis Drax. Abraham Lincoln Michael Krebs Episode :

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