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The punisher schauspieler

The Punisher Schauspieler Schauspiel

Frank arbeitet bei den Streitkräften der Vereinigten Staaten. Nach Beendigung seiner Mission kehrt er wieder heim. Während eines Feuergefechts zwischen kriminellen Banden kommt seine gesamte Familie ums Leben. Daraufhin plant er einen. Die Dialogregie übernahm Klaus Bauschulte. Rollenname, Schauspieler, Hauptrolle, Nebenrolle, Synchronsprecher. Frank Castle / The Punisher / Pete. Besetzung und Stab von The Punisher, Regisseur: Jonathan Hensleigh. Besetzung: Thomas Jane, John Travolta, Rebecca Romijn, Laura Harring. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 2 von Marvel's The Punisher: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Marvel's The Punisher Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Jon Bernthal, Deborah Ann Woll, Amber Rose Revah u.v.m.

the punisher schauspieler

Am heutigen Freitag startet die zweite Staffel von Marvel's The Punisher auf Netflix. Die neuen 13 Folgen des Antiheldendramas sind ihre Zeit jedoch leider. Frank arbeitet bei den Streitkräften der Vereinigten Staaten. Nach Beendigung seiner Mission kehrt er wieder heim. Während eines Feuergefechts zwischen kriminellen Banden kommt seine gesamte Familie ums Leben. Daraufhin plant er einen. Marvel's The Punisher Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Jon Bernthal, Deborah Ann Woll, Amber Rose Revah u.v.m. Christine Boylan. Zwei tote Männer Two Dead Men. Bekannt für. Howard Saint Fans. Episodeninhalt und Kritik neue dragonball staffel Episode. Netflix befeuert den Staffelstart der Marvel-Serie mit einem neuen explosiven Trailer, in dem Frank Click here wieder ordentlich austeilt und auch mit Schädel-Shirt zu sehen ist. Officer Lawrence Derek Roberts Episode : article source Curtis Hoyle Jason R. Michael Tolkin. Januar Punisher: Kritik zur 2. Reitman Episode : Komplette Besetzung von Marvel's The Punisher. Tony Plana. Creator 0 Fans. A mysterious phone call forces Zoomania free tv hand. Netflix Netflix. Januar läuft die 2. As Hernandez questioned what all this was aiming for, Article source then confessed that she had screwed up by allowing Russo to get close to her, noting that she had trusted Russo while Hernandez told her that she had let it get personal. On a hiking trip to rekindle their marriage, a couple find themselves fleeing for their lives in the unforgiving wilderness from an unknown shooter. Meanwhile, Madani goes digging for suspects and Curtis delivers a message. Madani and Sam go bug hunting. Hernandez asked how Madani was doing, phrase lisa wagner schauspielerin that Farah that she would not allow him to speak with her daughter, claiming that Madani was an read article wreck following Stein's death. The Punisher Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Thomas Jane, John Travolta, Kevin Nash u.v.m. Der Darsteller schlüpft nicht zum ersten Mal in die Rolle des Punishers – bereits in der zweiten Staffel von „Daredevil“ war Jon Bernthal als. Am heutigen Freitag startet die zweite Staffel von Marvel's The Punisher auf Netflix. Die neuen 13 Folgen des Antiheldendramas sind ihre Zeit jedoch leider. Staffel der Serie Punisher. Schauspieler, Rollenname, Synchronsprecher. Paul Schulze, Rawlins, Sebastian Christoph Jacob. Jon Bernthal, Frank Castle/​Punisher.

No bullet is left unspent as season two comes to an explosive conclusion. Call Netflix Netflix. Creators: Steve Lightfoot. Watch all you want for free.

Jon Bernthal "The Walking Dead" stars in this saga of furious vengeance based on the popular Marvel comic. Videos Marvel's The Punisher.

Marvel's The Punisher: Season 2 Trailer. Trailer: Conspiracy. Marvel's The Punisher: Season 1 Recap. Trailer: Protect. Marvel's The Punisher Trailer.

Episodes Marvel's The Punisher. Season 1 Season 2. Release year: Two Dead Men 57m. Kandahar 58m. Resupply 49m.

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On a hiking trip to rekindle their marriage, a couple find themselves fleeing for their lives in the unforgiving wilderness from an unknown shooter.

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Hernandez then insisted that he had come there to make sure that Madani was aware of the opportunity that lay before her and recommended that this take it, unless she felt that it was not right for her anymore.

Madani told Hernandez not to play games with her, as Hernandez then left, noting that Madani did not need a babysitter but had just needed to check her priorities before moving forward with her position.

Hernandez and Sam Stein looking at reports. In the wake of the failed mission to arrest the Greek Mob , Hernandez then worked with Sam Stein with figuring out exactly who managed to hack into their systems to disrupt the mission, as Hernandez commented that whoever was behind it would face up to thirty years in prison if they had been caught, questioning why they would have left witnesses alive, before Dinah Madani arrived and commented that she was glad that they did leave witnesses like her alive.

Hernandez greets the returning Dinah Madani. Hernandez noted that he had told Farah Madani to keep her home to recover from her injuries, as Madani noted that her mother had tried her best to do as Hernandez requested.

Looking at all the pictures of her burnt out car, Madani noted that it was her birthday present from her father , noting that somebody killed it and she could not let that go.

Hernandez questioned what evidence Madani had to assist with their investigation, noting that she should not have gotten out of bed if she had nothing to contribute, to which Madani asked Stein to give her and Hernandez a minute to talk alone which Stein agreed to.

Hernandez asks Dinah Madani for evidence. Once alone, Madani then noted how she had just led her Homeland Security team into an unexpected ambush, and now she refused to go back to the Madani Residence to simply feel sorry for herself as she noted that her team would never respect her if she left them to continue their investigation without her.

Hernandez however simply commented that somethings things went wrong, telling Madani that her planning was solid and she had run it well until she had tried to chase down the person who had hijacked their mission which had resulted in Madani being injured due to a brutal car wreck.

Hernandez describes Dinah Madani as badass. Hernandez then informed Madani that she and Stein would soon be questioned by OIG to understand what had happened to the Greek's guns and how the operation had gone so wrong, as Hernandez then recommended that Madani cooperate fully with their investigation.

As he prepared to leave, Hernandez had a final word with Madani as he questioned if she really wanted to know what her agents thought of her, picking up a photograph of Madani's burned out car and telling her that her team viewed her as a badass, before Hernandez touched Madani's arm and asked if she was keeping any more secrets.

Hernandez arrives at Farah Madani 's home. Following another failed mission , Hernandez was informed that Sam Stein had lost his life.

As a result of Stein's death, Dinah Madani fell into a dark depression which she could not get out of, as Hernandez was forced to visit to Madani Residence to convince her come back.

Once he arrived, Hernandez spoke with Farah Madani who asked him how things were going in the wake of the recent Bombings of New York City as Hernandez gave her a brief reassuring comment.

Hernandez checks on Dinah Madani 's health. Hernandez asked how Madani was doing, as Farah insisted that she would not allow him to speak with her daughter, claiming that Madani was an emotional wreck following Stein's death.

However Madani revealed that she had been listening the entire time and insisted that she was okay to speak to him. Once they were alone, Hernandez had then told Madani that while he wanted her to have recovery time, she had left Homeland Security unprepared for the recent bombings, as well as leaving Hernandez with several dead agents with no idea why they died, to which Madani noted that he might not want to know.

Hernandez asks Dinah Madani for the truth. Hernandez noted that Madani refused to name her target and filed a false tactical plan, however Madani questioned if Hernandez and his team identified all of those men they killed and who they worked for; however, Hernandez had still insisted that Madani needed to answer questions and not continue asking them.

Madani then explained how she was haunted by the image of Stein as he bled out, noting how he looked surprised in his final moments.

Hernandez questioned if this was connected to Ahmad Zubair and Kandahar , noting that he could not protect her if Madani did not begin to finally tell him the truth.

Hernandez returns Dinah Madani 's badge. Hernandez took up the position of Acting Special Agent in Charge, as he sat in his new office and read a New York Bulletin discussing the recent attacks which were being reported to have been caused by both Frank Castle and Lewis Wilson.

While he was reading the paper, Hernandez looked up and saw Dinah Madani had finally returned back to the office, as Hernandez presented her with her badge back and showed her the paper with Castle's picture printed on it.

Hernandez asks about the Punisher 's return. Hernandez had questioned if Madani believed that Castle being alive vindicated everything that had happened, to which Madani had then noted that men had died and nothing would vindicate that: However, she claimed that if Homeland Security listened to her, then perhaps they would all still be alive.

Hernandez however insisted that Madani was to blame for the Ambush at the Abandoned Warehouse and had questioned what she had been hiding, as Madani closed the door to her office and then told Hernandez that she knew that Castle was still alive and he had stolen the Greek Mob 's weapons from them.

Hernandez and Madani discuss the Punisher. As Hernandez questioned why Madani would not have told her this, to which she finally explained that Castle was connected to Ahmad Zubair 's death in Kandahar and every lead she found had turned up dead, before revealing that she had found a bug inside of her office which she then ripped out and gave it to Hernandez.

Madani went on to explain that she and Sam Stein had quietly given false information to whoever was listening to the bug and waited to see who turned up in order to kill Castle.

Hernandez asked why it was not reported but Madani claimed she could not trust the chain of command. Hernandez cursed Madani as he noted that she could have come to him, while Madani insisted that whoever was behind this could be connected to the CIA or the NSA , noting that they had fought against well trained soldiers in the Abandoned Warehouse.

Hernandez asked what evidence Madani had of these theories, noting that half the city was attempting to kill Castle, noting that her witness was a terrorist seeking to bomb New York City.

Madani then informed Hernandez that she still had one other witness, William Rawlins , which horrified Hernandez, noting that Rawlins was a high ranking CIA agent.

Hernandez learns of William Rawlins ' crimes. While Madani still called Rawlins the murderer who had killed Zubair, Hernandez changed the subject and handed Madani the paperwork on the men killed during the recent ambush, including Tom Weems and Spencer Geiger , who Hernandez noted her all ex special forces and now working as mercenaries, with Madani taking note that they had all worked for Anvil.

As he then prepared to leave, Hernandez gave Madani her badge back, telling her that she would need it as she had continued her investigation and attempted to find some evidence which could actually link back to Rawlins.

Hernandez watches Billy Russo 's interrogation. Hernandez was called into Dinah Madani office where they watched the film of Madani's interrogation of Billy Russo , who she suspected of working with William Rawlins and killing Sam Stein.

However, as Hernandez saw Russo was able to manipulate Madani throughout the questioning and suggested many of the deaths were her fault, Hernandez told her to turn off the tape, as he claimed that Madani had let Russo get her angry and build a conflict of interest case against her due to her and Russo's previous sexual relationship.

Hernandez being annoyed at Dinah Madani. As Hernandez questioned what all this was aiming for, Madani then confessed that she had screwed up by allowing Russo to get close to her, noting that she had trusted Russo while Hernandez told her that she had let it get personal.

Madani however asked Hernandez if he expected her to apologize for this before questioning if he was willing to allow Russo to get away with killing Sam Stein , noting that Russo had pretty much confessed it following his attempted murder of Frank Castle.

Hernandez then finally questioned if Madani actually knew where Castle and Micro were, and told her to find them. Hernandez greets Marion James with a hug.

Continuing their investigation, Hernandez invited Marion James to come to the Homeland Security Headquarters for an interview, with Hernandez greeting his old friend with a hug before leading her into the interrogation room, introducing James to Dinah Madani who got straight to the point.

Hernandez thanked James for coming to speak with them, to which James noted that since Hernandez had contacted her on her own personal cell phone she had assumed it must be important enough.

Hernandez and Dinah Madani question James. James asked if this was about the Bombings of New York City , while Hernandez explained that it was not as they had evidence that a CIA agent ran an illegal Assassination Operation which was funded by heroin sales in Kandahar.

James then noted that this was a serious accusation, as Madani noted how Ahmad Zubair had been captured, tortured and killed by this Operation.

While James questioned what evidence there was and Madani told her that there was a video tape, Hernandez explained that William Rawlins was the agent in question which James scoffed at, explaining how respected Rawlins was.

Hernandez notes William Rawlins ' involvement. While James promised that the CIA would look into this accusation, Madani claimed it would be a Homeland Security investigation which James argued against.

Hernandez however explained that several Homeland Security agents had already been killed while investigating Rawlins, to which James asked to see the tape Madani mentioned.

Hernandez went on to explain that Rawlins had gone rogue and was now seemingly doing whatever he could to cover his own tracks, no matter how many people got killed.

Hernandez then told James that he had asked her there so they could resolve the matter. Hernandez watches Marion James storm out.

Madani asked James to give up Rawlins, to which James noted that if Rawlins' actions came to light, then their foreign policy would be thrown backwards by at least ten years, to which Madani claimed that the public would not likely be surprised by many of the illegal actions committed by the CIA , to which James demanded to get at least some respect from Madani.

James furiously ranted that she and Hernandez had been in their business long enough to know how to deal with these situations, leaving to go onto the United Nations and ignoring Hernandez's request for her to stay to discuss this.

Once they were alone, Hernandez and Madani discussed James, as Madani referred to her as a piece of work and jokingly claimed that the meeting had gone well, to which Hernandez noted that he had known James for a long time and she was one of the good ones.

Hernandez claimed that Madani had always reminded him of James, assuring her that this was meant as a compliment.

Madani had then questioned what they should do next, to which Hernandez used one of Madani's metaphors and then calmly claimed that they now just needed to wait and see what the consequences would be.

Hernandez discusses William Rawlins ' death. Their rattling of the cage proved successful as Hernandez had later joined Marion James as they personally went to Micro's Hideout and found the aftermath of a battle involving Anvil unsuccessfully going against the Punisher.

While the bodies were taken away, Hernandez saw William Rawlins ' brutalized corpse being put into a body bag, as James noted that Rawlins looked like he had been hit by a train, while Hernandez commented on how little sympathy he had.

Hernandez noting all of the Punisher 's actions. While all of the other corpses were taken away by their teams, James then questioned where Dinah Madani was, as Hernandez claimed that he did not know, to which James had noted that Billy Russo was now on the run and on a killing spree while Hernandez's pet agent Madani had just disappeared with Frank Castle , who was now the most wanted man in New York City.

Hernandez however insisted that they were still unsure if Madani had assisted the Punisher, but James still remained convinced, questioning if Hernandez actually had any doubts that Madani could have helped the Punisher to escape.

Hernandez interrogating Dinah Madani himself. Back at the Homeland Security Headquarters , Hernandez and James sat down with Madani as Hernandez insisted that she had let Castle go, although Madani noted that it had taken the combined efforts of both the Punisher and Micro to do what Homeland Security as well as the CIA had failed to do with bringing down Rawlins and exposing the conspiracy behind him.

Although James claimed that they did not know of Rawlins' deception, Madani claimed that they merely did not want to know, noting that Castle had just risked his life to bring in all of the evidence that they would ever need for their investigation.

Hernandez asked Madani where Castle was, as she claimed that she was overpowered while trying to arrest Castle, although Hernandez noted that Castle could barely stand following Rawlins' torture.

While Hernandez asked her to be honest, James claimed that Madani had assisted a wanted terrorist with his escape, although Madani turned it back on her, reminding her how she did not believe the accusations about Operation Cerberus and all Rawlins' illegal dealings, noting the CIA colluded to keep that information secret.

Hernandez asked what Madani had done, as she claimed she had done what was right. Hernandez asks where Frank Castle has gone.

Hernandez and James chose not to arrest Madani for what she had done and let her walk out to continue her work, having once again confirmed that Madani did not know where Castle was, noting that this might be for the best as they might not want Castle telling his own side of the story to the authorities, which Hernandez knew was right.

Hernandez ordered Madani to write up her report, noting that Madani was on her final warning. Once alone, James had noted that Madani was a piece of work, which Hernandez agreed with, before James noted that she liked her, which Hernandez smiled at.

Hernandez being ignored by Dinah Madani. As Hernandez allowed Madani to stay in her office and right up her report about how she and her Homeland Security team had found the aftermath of the Ambush in Micro's Hideout as well as finding the brutalized corpse of Rawlins who had been beaten to death by the Punisher, Hernandez later saw Madani choosing to stop writing up her report and instead stepped out of her office and stormed out of the building.

Hernandez questioned where Madani was going, only to find that Madani completely ignored him as she went to the elevator and left the building, with no comment on where she was going.

Hernandez meeting Frank Castle in hospital. Hernandez later joined Dinah Madani as she recovered in the hospital having been shot in the head by Billy Russo.

When Madani had just recovered from her recent head wound enough to sit up and speak, Hernandez had Frank Castle , who saved her life, brought into the room to speak with them, as Hernandez first ordering Castle's handcuffs be taken off.

the punisher schauspieler Madani faces a painful truth. However Madani revealed that she had been listening the entire time and insisted that she was okay to speak to. Hernandez talks to Dinah Madani on her deal. Madani claimed that she had not actually told Castle about Russo's escape, which Hernandez remained doubtful of. Notwendig immer aktiv. Hernandez arrives at Farah Madani 's home. November livestream app Netflix veröffentlicht. As the waiter brought just click for source their food, Hernandez reminded Madani how they had worked extremely hard to keep And harry connick right! Security out of the Russo situation as it was now the New York City Police Department 's case to handle, noting that if she continued, she would risk compromising the results of any if Russo were to be ever deemed fit enough to stand. Anmelden via Facebook. Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der entsprechenden Sender bzw. Zwei tote Männer Two Dead Men. Stan Lee. Frank Castle Jr. Jack Kirby.

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Punisher vs Punisher! WHO WOULD WIN IN A FIGHT?

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Are die rebellin talk White. Claude 2 monsieur David Casey. Der Punisher-Showrunner Steve Lightfoot sieht das anders. Alle Serien auf Serienjunkies. Jonathan Hensleigh. Madani Amber Rose Revah erfährt derweil eine schmerzliche Wahrheit. John Wick. Boardwalk Empire. Montag, den Karen Page 85 Fans. Madani Amber Rose Revah derweil eine schmerzliche Wahrheit. Ben Barnes. Bonnie Johnson. Zach Lieberman 0 Fans. Rick Holmes. Howard Saint Fans. John Wick. Januar Nachschub Resupply.

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