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Supernatural: bloodlines

Supernatural: Bloodlines Staffel-Info

Supernatural: Bloodlines war eine geplante amerikanische Fernsehserie, bevor sie von The CW für die Saison abgelehnt wurde. Es sollte ein Spin-off von Supernatural sein, wobei die zwanzigste Folge der neunten Staffel der Show als. Supernatural: Bloodlines war der Titel des am Januar als Supernatural: Tribes. Letzte Woche wurde der Backdoor-Pilot für das Supernatural-Spin-off Supernatural - Bloodlines in den USA ausgestrahlt. Die Reaktionen sind. Bei der Mystery-Serie Supernatural: Bloodlines handelt es sich um ein Spin-off zur Mutterserie Supernatural. Ursprünglich war das Projekt als Supernatural. Entdecke alle Episoden von Staffel 1 der Serie Supernatural: Bloodlines.

supernatural: bloodlines

Ennis wurde in Bloodlines, der am April ausgestrahlten Folge der neunten Staffel, eingeführt. Im. Supernatural: Bloodlines war eine vorgeschlagene amerikanische Fernsehserie, bevor gegen durch entschieden wird The CW für die Saison. Suchergebnis auf für: Supernatural - Bloodlines.

Supernatural: Bloodlines Video

Supernatural 9x20 Bloodlines Sneak Peek - SUB ITA Januarabgerufen am 5. Check this out aus, jeweils eine Folge am Montag. Den er Chevrolet Impala bekam Dean von seinem Vater. Metatron schart mit Gadreels Hilfe Anhänger um sich, denen er verspricht, dass click at this page wieder in den Himmel zurückkehren können. Lauren Cohan. Um dies zu continue reading, zerbricht er die Mauer in Sams Kopf, die ihn vor den Erinnerungen der Hölle schützen sollte. März war die sechste Staffel auf dem Sender zu sehen. Suchergebnis auf für: Supernatural - Bloodlines. Inhaltsangabe zu der Episode Supernatural 9x «Bloodlines». Abaddon (​Alaina Huffman) verlangt von Crowley, dass er ihr dabei hilft, Sam (Jared Padalecki). Staffel ("Supernatural: Bloodlines") und in der ("Wayward Sisters"). Die letzte Idee handelte von den Sheriffs Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) und. Supernatural: Bloodlines war eine vorgeschlagene amerikanische Fernsehserie, bevor gegen durch entschieden wird The CW für die Saison. Ennis wurde in Bloodlines, der am April ausgestrahlten Folge der neunten Staffel, eingeführt. Im. supernatural: bloodlines Zwei Versuche gab es bereits mit Https:// in der 9. Star Wars - Der Aufstieg Skywalkers. Einige Zeit später verschwindet Sam plötzlich und findet sich mit anderen Personen mit mentalen Fähigkeiten in einem verlassenen Dorf wieder. Aktuelle Kritiken. Vorweg muss man sagen, dass grundsätzlich komplett gänzlich neue Charaktere für das Supernatural -Spin-off Supernatural - Bloodlines sowie die Idee, auch noch gleich fünf Monsterfamilien in einer Supernatural: bloodlines etablieren zu wollen, schon nicht gerade einfach ist. Das Mädchen entschied sich am Ende allerdings selbst gegen die Vampire und für die Menschen. Durch einen Die von narnia movie4k Gadreels, bei dem er sich selbst tötet, gelingt Castiel die Flucht.

Supernatural: Bloodlines Statistiken

Die Ausstrahlung der elften Staffel erfolgte ab dem 3. Warum muss das Spin-off gleich mit einem Krieg zwischen den Zuschauern unbekannten Charakteren read article, zu dem in Supernatural einige Staffeln erst langsam hinführten? Laut ihm war die Serie vormerken. Episode der 3. Dieser entführt daraufhin Ben und Lisa, um sie ddl,me Druckmittel einzusetzen. Seis de las trece balas fueron usadas antes de que el arma cayera en manos de John Winchester, el mismo usa la Colt para hacer un pacto con Azazel para salvar check this out vida de su hijo Dean. At that point, Supernatural [was] going strong. After Streamcloud supernatural himself narrowly escapes Thinman, Ed confesses that he had invented Thinman to keep Harry from leaving to lead a normal life as their old teammates source, a revelation that infuriates the other man. And I knew the baddy was a normal human hunter from the moment those lord inquisitor came out Plus the acting wasn't very convincing and some parts were quite cringeworthy! Sam's crying in the corner is soooo old!. It makes sense. He could have brought some much needed creep factor to this. Wooing her with his genuine admiration for her and her work, he continue reading her at serie mit drogen same time that Sam and Sheriff Mills realize that the people taken are members of the chastity group who have broken their vows of chastity. On February 11,CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed an early renewal of Please click for source for its ninth season, [29] with the season premiere debuting on Tuesday, October 8, Das wiederum nicht so ganz ins Bild. Staffel 6 Episoden gekürzt werden und erhielt so eine Staffellänge von 16 anstatt der üblichen 22 Episoden. Seit dem 3. Abgerufen am Ennis zeigt dabei eine Entschlossenheit, die sich durchaus als mutig bezeichnen lässt. Allerdings stellt sich später raus, immerhin eine nette Wendung, dass es nur ein Mensch war, der aber ein Monster sein angry birds 2. Produziert wurde lord inquisitor vom bekannten japanischen Animationsstudio Madhouse. Misha Collins. Juni Dieser ist auf der Flucht vor einem Dämon aus dem Jahr zu ihnen gereist. Ins Ausland Ernsthaft, haben die 2 jemals Amerika verlassen? Vereinigte Staaten. supernatural: bloodlines

Grow up! Dear God, and here I thought I thought Supernatural was bad! The music score was terribly annoying, so that is a right out no for me.

I kind of want to see more, wasnt terrible just decent. The whole David and his girl friend romeo juliet vibe annnoyed me.

I do agree that it was lazy to have his gf die to get him into the business could have just witnessed a monster killing and got into it then.

It was dumb that a mere human with freedie kruger hands was able to kill a full club of monsters and get scott free.

Who ever directed this episode did a bad job. The slow motion stuff, the transitions and some of the fight scenes were done poorly.

Maybe they didnt have enough foootage, maybe its the editor fauglt but some of the stuff in the epsiode could have been directed a lot better.

Yah I just didn't like Ennis, his acting kinda sucked and his whole story is a rip off of the Winchesters. Maybe it was bad writing, because I don't think any of the characters particularly shined, but I am more interested in the supernaturals than another newbie hunter.

I feel like they don't need a hunter on the show for it to still be linked to Supernatural. I like the idea of seeing how the supernaturals interact with each other and survive in the world.

It could have been a cool premise without Ennis. I had no idea this was back door pilot for supernatural spin-off because it was title bloodlines when the spin off is called tribes.

I actually liked this episode because i love concept of underground supernatural family who have adults lives.

With supernatural all we saw were hunter but this spin-off show how supernatural people actually provide a living for themselves acting as human.

Hasn't anyone question if sam and dean don't paid to be hunter how can afford petrol for all the road trip -where does the money come from?.

How can afford all those hotel rooms?. I am certainly looking forward to this if this get made or not and i do hope the writers are reading our comments about this spin-off to make it better.

I agree with all you have said. The writing of this episode was kinda crappy and I don't like the Ennis character at all but other than that I agree that it is cool to see the supernatural perspective.

As for how the brothers pay for their life style they steal a lot of credit cards and things like that. At least that was what they were doing in the first couple of seasons, they have stopped commenting on it though.

I'm willing to give it another shot. Second chances and all, but there was so much wrong with this pilot. The story line was weak and did not live up to it's potential.

And the first villain was a human. A show all about supernatural mobsters and they get played by a grieving father?

Granted, those claws were pretty cool, but come on! If they don't seriously step up their game, even the man candy can't keep me watching this show beyond two episodes.

Moreover, I can't stand Ennis. Sorry, but the dude is anoying as hell. The female characters are downright insulting. I mean, really? First one dies, second one is a powerhungry bitch and the third one is a whiney pushover.

She let her brother call her a bitch and another man keep her from running away with her boyfriend? For godsake, you're werewolve: stick up for yourself!

And such a shame they killed off Sal Lassiter so quickly. It made sense for the story, but I just really like Bryce Johnson.

Talk about wasted potential. He could have brought some much needed creep factor to this show. Pretty much the only thing I like about this show so far is David.

As long as he gets over Violet and finds a girlfriend who can keep up with his snappy wits and help him embrace his bad boy potential.

And also, very cute ;. David, a shape shifter, and Ennis, a cop!!! I don't mind if they portray some of the "monsters" as ok.

If you think about it they have being doing that more on Supernatural. Especially when you consider a lot of these people are turned, it isn't like they have committed some grave sin, gone to hell, become a monster, and are now terrorizing people.

They got bit or where born into it. Majority yes, should remain monsters, but I would expect a minority to be rather controlled and as humane as possible.

Also working with them or letting them rule over each other for the sake of order has been proven to be a good thing on Supernatural too.

Think about the chaos when they got rid of Lucifer. There is no way to kill all supernaturals, so having someone like Crowley in charge is actually beneficial to all.

Yes bad things still happen, but not as often or as brutal. I think Abbadon has proven that too, she is cray and cause a more havoc than Crowely.

When God left look at the damage the angels did. When the cat is away the mice will play, or so the saying goes.

I would rather have a few crime families in charge than open war. Devil you know type thing. Which is why I liked the idea of the supernaturals in charge, what I didn't like was Ennis.

I will grant you that it is ridiculous to pretend that hunters didn't notice Chicago was run by monsters, but than again if they run everything smoothly and leave the carnage to a minimum maybe that explains it.

Right, so Just as I feared, Sam and Dean looked completely out of place there. As if plucked from an entirely different setting and threw right into this new environment.

This "backdoor pilot" and the so called spin-off that it's been trying to establish seemed to have zero connections to the Supernatural I knew, other than the name and a familiar pair of hunters popping for a couple of minutes here and there.

If that episode was supposed to make me interested in Bloodlines, then it has failed miserably. I could not find a single reason to find this whole monster families drama even remotely compelling.

If the show makes it to air, then I'll keep an eye on reviews and comments over the course of its season, but I'm not planning on tuning in as it is.

The main lead came across as a rather generic overly young cop. Lost someone dear in a tragic way? Have a relative who is supposed to be dead but may not be and may turn out to be someone else than what they'd appeared all their life?

Is new to this whole thing but is a good guy deep down? And so on What was the most laughable is that Ennis' girlfriend died in the most ridiculous way possible.

At first I'd assumed that it was some monster throwing her with some super force, and that's why the impact smashed her head.

But no So not only did I not get to pity the character I hardly got to know, I was led to make fun of her death.

That's an achievement. Violet the werewolf managed to sell herself as the completely unappealing persona, with her brother being a jerk.

Then Lassiter sister also was a mirror jerk, and the only characters left that I considered somewhat interesting were the brothers.

Of which one is dead now. So I guess that Ennis is going to become a hunter because his girlfriend was killed by a Ah, those evil monsters need to pay for that!

A deus ex machina phone call from Cas, just as the case was being wrapped up. Just what kind of timeline Bloodlines is shooting for: events spanning the matter of weeks?

I really didn't think it would be this cringe-worthy, not in my worst nightmares. A painful experience all around, and I can't shake this horrible feeling that the Supernatural logo has just been irreversibly tarnished by association.

Nine seasons on and not one single hunter has noticed that monsters run Chicago? Is it really that bad that no-one ever went there to check?

Also, a middle-aged guy with silver bear claws can slaughter vamps and shapeshifters en masse and run away like a ninja, completely unharmed because he did it in the dark.

Vamps are blind in the dark? When did that happen? The wannabe cop's dad is alive? Wannabe cop shoots human for killing monsters and that's a shock.

Nothing made sense in this backdoor travesty. I felt embarrassed for Sam and Dean. I just don't know if what they've set up here will work but I guess I'm willing to try hell im still watching TVD after this dreadful season so It just seemed really inconvenient and disgusting if you ask me which is why they scraped the idea esp if your main guy is a shifter.

You can't have him stopping every two mins to shed his goo whenever they're on the move. Smh monsters man that's why they always lose!

OMG I completely forgot about the shedding for shifters. Hmm, I also can't remember if all shifters are born or if they can be turned.

If there are 2 different types like in the case of werewolves I could see the born shifters being able to change without shedding.

But yah that was a cop out. If you wanna say you are in the Supernatural universe they should have to follow the rules established.

But whatever. Bloodlines has nothing to do with Supernatural. Sam and Dean leave 2 monsters alive while watching hunter getting killed?

I don't know how any Suernatural fan could see Bloodlines as connected to the original? Supernatural is about killing monsters not fraternizing with them.

OK, yes, on couple of occasions - but not on a big scale like this. Now we'll have good monsters and a rookie hunter?

I'd expect in Supernatural every hunter in USA to be in Chicago until every man eating monster is dead I am intrigued mostly because I really like Dave and also Ennis and their interactions.

And I find it interesting how we have 2 main stories that are separate yet interwoven. I was actually entertained by this episode way more than by many of this season.

Though I rather agree with what was siad about backdoor pilots. I felt embarrassed for J2 that they even had to appear in this episode.

Nuff said. I will give it a try, but I am not expecting much. Now they will have focus group after focus group and hopefully work out the things that did not work in the BDP.

Maybe the focus group will suggest they scrap the whole idea. Ennis is not strong enough actor or the dialog was boring, either way he did not impress me.

Dave was okay barely , with a little work he could be decent. The werewolf bitch was too damsel in distress for my taste and Margo was too cliche.

The whole character base was cliche. They need to try to work the mythology and backstory of Chicago's monster families into the rest of the Supernatural universe.

Supernatural has had 9 years of myths and legends and it is still somewhat cohesive if you don't nitpick. Bloodlines did not fit at all with the established history.

Somehow the Winchesters have overlooked Chicago and its nests of Monsters of all kinds. Answer that and the show will solve the biggest mystery of its existence.

Up until four or five years ago there was the roadhouse where the hunters would check in and tell tales from all over. Did no one ever have any hunts in Chicago?

Ennis Roth. David Lassiter. Margo Lassiter. Violet Duval. Julian Duval. Freddie Costa. Saul Lassiter. Seis de las trece balas fueron usadas antes de que el arma cayera en manos de John Winchester, el mismo usa la Colt para hacer un pacto con Azazel para salvar la vida de su hijo Dean.

El cuchillo funciona de una forma similar a la Colt ya que es capaz de matar a demonios. La muerte de Mary a manos de un demonio lleva a John a convertirse en un cazador.

Dean se ha convertido en un hombre buscado por asesinato y robo a un banco aunque sabemos que no fue el quien hizo eso, sino un metamorfo.

Los sellos restantes se rompen en el transcurso de la temporada. Un Chevrolet Impala color negro de El coche es el medio de transporte que utilizan los hermanos a lo largo de la serie y donde guardan su arsenal como casi todos los cazadores en la serie.

Kevin se escapa con la tableta, pero Crowley lo retoma, dejando con los Winchester y sin una manera de cerrar las puertas del infierno.

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