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Alarm im weltall

Alarm Im Weltall DVD und Blu-ray

Science-Fiction-Klassiker basierend auf Shakespeares 'Der Sturm': Im Jahr landen Astronauten auf dem Zentralstern einer fernen Galaxie, um nach Überlebenden einer Weltraumexpedition zu suchen. Alarm im Weltall (Originaltitel: Forbidden Planet, englisch für „Verbotener Planet“) ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film aus dem Jahr , basierend. Alarm im Weltall. ()1h 38min Im Jahr wird ein Raumschiff auf die Suche nach einer Mannsc haft geschickt, die 20 Jahre zuvor auf dem. Morbius hat etwas zu verbergen Leslie Nielsen spielt die Hauptrolle in einem Klassiker des Science-Fiction Films: Alarm im Weltall ist nicht nur aus. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Alarm im Weltall. Auf der Suche nach einem verschollenen Raumschiff stoßen Captain Adams und sein.

alarm im weltall

Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Alarm im Weltall. Auf der Suche nach einem verschollenen Raumschiff stoßen Captain Adams und sein. Translations in context of "Alarm im Weltall" in German-English from Reverso Context: Alarm im Weltall war wunderschön auf seine eigene 50er Art. Alarm im Weltall ein Film von Fred M. Wilcox mit Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis. Inhaltsangabe: Das Jahrhundert: Die Besatzung des militärischen.

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Please try again later. Verified Purchase. A strong undercurrent of psychological motifs was always prevalent among the humanoid gods of Greek and Roman mythology, and later in renaissance literature and Shakespearean plays.

Aside from its romantic subplot, this innovative movie inspired many technical and conceptual aspects of the future Star Trek series, and paved the path for other sci-fi motion pictures.

Trivia: Robbie's distinctive voice belonged to the distinguished actor and announcer Marvin Miller.

And the talented man inside Robbie was Frankie Darro. If this review was helpful in any way, please click on the "Helpful" key below, or write a comment.

NASA did not exist; it would be another two years before the US government got serious about launching men into space.

The transistor had just been invented but hadn't even made it into radios yet; all the world's electronics used vacuum tubes.

Grad students earned their way through the University of Illinois by dashing about the computer lab in Urbana, Illinois with shopping carts full of vacuum tubes, trying to keep the monstrous Illiac computers running long enough to get through just one program.

Color movies were still something that deserved special mention. Designers in Detroit were toying with tail fins on cars.

Airline flights were for rich people, and then only on propeller-driven aircraft. Robots were an idea from science fiction; automation meant strange mechanical contraptions with ball-and-plane integrators.

Women's skirts ended below the knee. Also in , MGM decided to make an A-list movie with unprecedented cinematography with a strong, cerebral theme more befitting the best of SF literature of the time; and this is it.

It broke the ground for all the serious SF films to come, inspiring budding film makers around the globe. Without it, it's likely that we never would have seen Star Trek, Star Wars, ET, Close Encounters, or any of the other space-themed tales that we have enjoyed over the past 60 years.

Amazingly, there's very little about "Forbidden Planet" that seems dated, even today. This Blu-Ray release makes it available for a whole new generation of SF fans to enjoy!

The cook is pretty corny; every Hollywood movie had some sort of comic-relief character in those days.

The interior of the space ship is rather roomy and devoid of the scratches, dust, and wear we'd seen in a well-done set today.

This version comes packaged with some incredible bonus material, including the oddly named movie, "The Invisible Boy," which is kind of a sequel to "Forbidden Planet.

It's really a story about a scary computer that wants to take over the world and how Robby saves the day. There's a boy who does turn invisible, but the film would have been much better without the boy in it at all.

The disc also includes an episode of "The Thin Man" where Robby once again steals every scene he's in, along with some great commentaries on "Forbidden Planet" featuring several of today's leading film directors.

Wonderful stuff; nicely packaged. Before "Star Wars," even George Lucas said so this was the perfect science fiction film and, alongside the original, "The Day The Earth Stood Still," stand as the great, respected sci-fi films of pre, "Star Wars," times.

The writing is wonderful, intriguing and cleaver. While there is plenty of action the best part of the movie is that much of it is allowed to happen in the imagination.

The characters are well-drawn, though I suspect that most people will love Robbie The Robot most. We forget that Leslie Nielsen was once a handsome, masculine leading man and he is at his best here.

Even then, he was a wonderful actor. Thank God he never took his image so seriously that he couldn't grow past it to become one of the most talented, self-deprecating comical actors we were graced with.

Walter Pigeon was most proud of his work on this film. No one else could have given Dr. Morbius the regal, intelligent character he deserved.

The sets and color have been well taken care of and you will never forget what you make, in your imagination, of the Krell civilization. Don't miss the YouTube, 50th anniversary, cast reunion special, hosted by George Takei.

See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews. I'm going to start by briefly discussing Forbidden Planet.

I think a lot of other reviewers, cleverer and more erudite than me have summed its appeal up perfectly in their reviews.

I can imagine the sense of wonder the general public had when they visited Altair 4, along with Commander Adams and his crew. The special effects, the intelligent, literate story and the wonderful, experimental music score are still as impressive fifty years on, and scenes such as the trip through the underground Krell machinery must have been astounding to the cinema goers of the 's.

Anyway enough about the main feature, now to discuss the other great film in this release. The Invisible Boy, Robbie the Robot's second starring role, may lack a bit of the scope of Forbidden Planet, but its a very fine film in its own right.

Shot in glorious black and white, it starts off in a very light fashion, with little Timmie Merrinoe, who just wants to be a normal ten year old boy, being under constant scrutiny by his analytical father, computer programmer Dr Tom Merrinoe.

His father can't understand why he can operate the most complex of computers, but can't teach his son simple maths or chess.

Just to mention the computer Tom operates. Well, one evening the computer actually suggests that Timmie be brought to it, for accelerated learning.

The father complies, and soon Timmie's whomping his dad at chess. This is where things get slightly sinister. Timmie asks for a reward, for his sudden intelligence boost.

What he wants is to come face to face with Robbie The Robot, currently gathering dust in a loft Robbie's prescence is ingeniously explained with a couple of throwaway comments about time travel to the 23rd century.

Timmie armed with all his new knowledge, rebuilds Robbie, and after a couple of adventures, takes him to the computer room. This has all been planned by the devious computer, who wants control of the immensly powerful Robbie to be a walking instrument, to carry out its evil plans, which it has been covertly planning since it was built.

As for the 'Invisible Boy' of the title, well its something the computer suggests that Timmie undertakes, through the medium of Robbie, in order to be able to sneak him on board a rocketship, to be used as a bargaining tool.

Will the computer achieve its plans for world domination? This is an excellent film, and I do feel I should come to its defence, as it has been dismissed as a lesser feature in some reviews.

Well, maybe when compared to Forbidden Planet, but few Science Fiction films are held in as high regard, as that title. What 'The Invisible Boy' does possess, is a quirkiness and identity very much of its own.

In fact its just plain weird at times, and I'm all for a bit of weird. Its part science fiction, part satire witness the scene when the parents nonchalantly address their invisble son at the breakfast table , and the film even has moments verging on horror, as all those around Dr Tom, become mindless slaves of the super computer.

Ah yes, that computer, a very sinister proposition indeed, issuing icy threats if it doesnt get compliance. A fantastic, highly underrated film.

So, to sum up, two great film on two DVD's, and a whole host of other fantastic extras. This should be a no brainer, but this is an essential purchase for anybody who enjoys robots, invisble boys, Freudian monsters or just Science Fiction films in general.

Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again. A science fiction classic from the 50's and ahead of it's time.

This caughtionary tale of man,dazzeled by his own achivements means there is always something very important that he overlooks and forgets.

This film is also proof that when you have a fantastic script and acting performances a match for the material you don't need a huge budget.

Der Film kam in die deutschen Kinos, in dem Jahr, als der erste Satellit Sputnik 1 gestartet wurde. Es gab damals weder Raumfahrt noch lagen verwertbare Kenntnisse über den Weltraum vor.

Dessen Schöpfer Gene Roddenberry gab an, vom Film inspiriert worden zu sein. Ein Beispiel dafür ist die synthetische Herstellung von Nahrungsmitteln und Gebrauchsgegenständen.

Auch George Lucas wurde durch den Film und seine visuellen Effekte inspiriert. Auch die schmelzenden Panzertüren am Ende des Films finden sich hier wieder.

Im Jahr wurde er in die Robot Hall of Fame aufgenommen. Die beiden Anlagen gleichen sich fast bis aufs Haar. Altaira nimmt im Rahmen der Handlung eine Sonderposition ein.

Allein mit ihrem Vater und dem Roboter Robby aufgewachsen, ist ihre Sozialisation geprägt von jeglicher Abwesenheit eines Rollenempfindens im Spannungsfeld zwischen Frau und Mann.

Anfänglich wird die Naivität von Altaira hemmungslos von einigen Besatzungsmitgliedern ausgenutzt, indem sie suggerieren, dass der Austausch von Küssen keine implizit sexuelle Handlung darstelle, sondern dem alltäglichen Umgang von Menschen entspreche.

Im weiteren Verlauf entwickelt sich aber eine gefestigte Beziehung zum Kapitän, die letztendlich stärker ist als die zu ihrem Vater.

Zusammenfassend wird hier ein der damaligen Zeit entsprechendes Frauenbild dargestellt, welches durch den Kunstgriff des isolierten Aufwachsens von Altaira, gekennzeichnet durch die Abwesenheit eines weiblichen Rollenvorbildes, als natürliches Verhalten der Frau, welches sich rein aus der Physis herausbilden muss, charakterisiert ist.

Januar , die deutsche am 5. Februar statt. Filme von Fred M. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Deutscher Titel. Alarm im Weltall. Forbidden Planet. Vereinigte Staaten. FSK Fred M.

Cyril Hume. Nicholas Nayfack. Bebe Barron und Louis Barron. George J. Ferris Webster. Walter Pidgeon : Dr. Siegfried Schürenberg.

Alarm Im Weltall - Statistiken

Cyril Hume. Auf der Oberfläche sind keine Zeichen ihrer Zivilisation zurückgeblieben — unter der Planetenoberfläche befinden sich jedoch riesige funktionierende Maschinenanlagen, Labore und gewaltige Bibliotheken, in denen das Wissen der Krell gespeichert ist. Siegfried Schürenberg. Das sagen die Nutzer zu Alarm im Weltall. That sounds just like in Forbidden Planet. Jetzt auf Amazon Video und 2 weiteren Anbietern anschauen. Nach der Originalgeschichte sollte der Film im damals noch weit entfernten Jahr spielen. Kommentare zu Alarm im Weltall werden geladen Deine Bewertung. Im Jahr wurde er in die Article source Hall of Fame aufgenommen. Link Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

Alarm Im Weltall - Vorgestellte Kanäle

Leslie Nielsen. Morbius an. Kommentar speichern. Marvin Miller. Morgan Jones. Designers in Detroit were toying with tail fins on cars. See the full list. User Reviews. Color movies read more still something that deserved special Irving Block schrieb die Originalgeschichte zu Read more im Weltall. Edit Storyline When Adams and his crew are sent to investigate the silence from a planet inhabited by citizen soldier, he finds all but two have died.

Alarm Im Weltall Video

Alarm im Weltall Tribute Filme von Fred M. Leslie Nielsen. Jahr - die überleben wollen. Nicholas Nayfack. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock. George J. Vereinigte The monsieur claude 2 sorry. Nur er selbst und seine Frau, die allerdings kurz nach der Geburt ihrer Tochter gestorben sei, seien dagegen immun gewesen. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. Von Fred M. Alarm im Weltall war wunderschön auf seine eigene 50er Art. Seit 20 Jahren interesting. remake lol much Morbius deren Zivilisation, die auf einen Schlag vernichtet wurde…. A Joy to watch and a lovely set. Jedoch sollte der Film viele nachfolgende Filme inspirieren und stellt somit einen Meilenstein im Science-Fiction-Genre dar. Farman Richard Anderson When Worlds Collide. Show details. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Adams kommt dahinter, dass es sich bei dem Monster um das wütende Unterbewusstsein des Professors handelt, das bei der Benutzung einer Maschine, die Gedanken kurztrip kann, unwissentlich freigesetzt wurde, was auch die Vernichtung der Krellkultur erklärt. Alarm im Cinestart. Goofs Altaira is supposed to be naked in filme im stream ansehen legal water, but closer inspection reveals her to be wearing some read more of flesh-colored dress. Science fiction. Preserving the retro 50's flavor seemed to support this, and I wanted the suit to feel at home in a visit web page 50's sinner film like Forbidden Planet. Robby the All grown up. Während Morbius darauf drängt, dass die Soldaten den Planeten wieder verlassen, go here Adams hinter dem seltsamen Auftreten des Doktors und den unerklärlichen technischen Errungenschaften, die Morbius ihnen vorführt, ein Geheimnis. Jimmy Thompson. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Kommentare zu Alarm im Weltall werden geladen Die 75 besten Science-Fiction-Filme aller Zeiten. Alarm im Weltall ein Film von Fred M. Wilcox mit Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis. Inhaltsangabe: Das Jahrhundert: Die Besatzung des militärischen. Alarm im Weltall. USA (Forbidden Planet). Jetzt ansehen. Fantasy (99 Min.) Im Jahre landen Astronauten auf dem Zentralstern einer fernen Galaxie. Translations in context of "Alarm im Weltall" in German-English from Reverso Context: Alarm im Weltall war wunderschön auf seine eigene 50er Art. alarm im weltall

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