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Jasper Sharp Updated: 23 January Dragnet Girl His most obvious homage to gangland Americana is, like the cosmopolitan port city of Yokohama where it is set, a fascinating example of east meets west.

Kinuyo Tanaka plays the central role of Tokiko, whose respectable daytime employment in an office typing pool subsidises the lifestyle of the low-rent lawbreaker and former boxing champ Hiroshi Hideo Mitsui to whom she plays moll.

Youth of the Beast This is most definitely not the Tokyo it claims to be, but where? While she is being hauled away, she yells that to spread justice Aakash and his colleagues have done her an injustice and that Daya, who has never betrayed anyone, is not the gangster but Aakash and his men are.

She reminds Aakash that he has betrayed the woman who is carrying his child and that he will regret his actions. Daya, who has been arrested and taken to jail, sends Simran a letter saying that he does not blame her for what she did and that she is the one who has been betrayed; he admits that he has done many cruel and bad things but that, thanks to her, he now knows what it is like to live an honest life.

He encloses her fake passport and, stating his love for her, writes that he would feel better knowing that she is living safely in India.

After reading Daya's letter, Simran is left pained and guilty. Months later, Daya admits and pleads guilty to his crimes.

He is tried and sentenced to death. Simran goes to meet him in prison and asks him to forgive her; they share an emotional goodbye.

She later goes to Aakash's residence and, forcefully entering his house with a gun, shoots and fatally injures him.

Before he lapses into unconsciousness, Aakash shoots her in the shoulder and they are found and taken to a hospital.

Aakash dies in the hospital while Simran is transferred to the I. At dawn she escapes to the roof, where she commits suicide by jumping off the roof.

At the same time, Daya is hanged. Simran is shown falling through the air. Before she reaches the ground we see her standing in a meadow and gazing at Daya, who is holding Bittu.

Smiling, they hold out their arms to her; she happily runs toward them, and they embrace in heaven. Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar was initially offered the role of Daya, but he turned it down saying, " Cricket is not only my profession but my obsession as well".

The movie received mostly positive reviews from the critics. The movie was awarded 3. Raja Sen of Rediff. Hers is the pivotal character and an extremely difficult role to essay, but she manages it well.

Kangana's nuances [of an alcoholic character] are disconcertingly realistic. Emraan Hashmi also got a positive reviews for his portrayal of an undercover detective.

Raja Sen added, "His character is an understand one, and he manages to keep it that way. There is no unnecessary bluster or melodrama, and he does a pretty believable job.

There is something lazy about his acting, by which I mean he makes the job look easy". The soundtrack is composed by Pritam.

The complete album consisted of five original tracks and four remixes. The song "Bheegi Bheegi" is a modern re-creation of the song "Prithibi ta naki" by Moheener Ghoraguli.

Gangster became fifth best selling album of in India selling 16,00, units. It has mass appeal; it has a flavorful array of tunes to sample, and it features some fresh singers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Brian De Palma 's remake of Scarface stars Al Pacino as Tony Montana , a Cuban exile and ambitious newcomer to Miami who sees an opportunity to build his own drug empire.

He navigates both the traditional Italian mafia authorities as well as the new cartels, as they are producing, smuggling and distributing cocaine in an uneasy business Alliance.

Early films about the Yakuza revolved around pre-war notions of honor and loyalty. These ninkyo eiga chivalry films were replaced in the late s and early s by a new style, pioneered by Kinji Fukasaku and inspired by the French New Wave and American Film noir called Jitsuroku eiga true record films.

In addition to Fukasaku's "shaky camera style", this new brand of film often adapted true stories. Prior to Battles , the films of Seijun Suzuki had departed from the ninkyo eiga formula, but had met with limited commercial success.

The adaptation of the Graham Greene novel by the same name, Brighton Rock , is a stark portrayal of a young gang leader and the racketeers in Brighton.

Tourneur's gangster-hero differentiates from his American equivalent by valuing honour, artisanship, community and solidarity. Its distribution in America was blocked by the US-makers of its remake Algiers.

All three films featured Alain Delon. All three of the films were domestic successes and Borsalino was popular elsewhere in Europe.

None of them, however, broke through in the United States. Indian cinema , including Bollywood , has several genres of gangster films.

Soviet propaganda has always said that organized crime exists only in the West. However, with the dissolution of the Soviet Union , people of Russia had to face the fact of what they used to previously read only in newspapers.

Gang wars accompanied the formation of capitalism in Russia. Lihie devyanostye. In director Aleksei Balabanov released Brother which acquired cult status and started to return interest of local people to Russian cinema, which had been in crisis since the early s.

Later came the sequel Brother 2 , which was even more successful. Actor Sergei Bodrov Jr. Pyotr Buslov, a young year-old director, in released Bimmer , which instantly became a hit.

This movie about four friends was made in the road movie style. In Aleksei Balabanov returned to the theme of gangster cinema and filmed a black comedy Dead Man's Bluff.

Later Balabanov returned to the theme of bandits again in The Stoker Russian television shows a lot of series about bandits, however, they are mostly of poor quality.

A great success was the mini-series Brigada , which received cult status. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Film genre. See also: Mafia film.

Further information: Hood film. Main article: Yakuza film. Further information: Poliziotteschi. Main articles: Mumbai underworld film and Dacoit film.

Main articles: Heroic bloodshed and Gun fu. Further information: Mafia comedy. Los Angeles: American Film Institute. Archived from the original PDF on 28 March Retrieved Oxford Bibliographies.

Retrieved 29 June Retrieved 27 June The Yakuza Film".

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