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Got Drehorte Game of Thrones Drehorte

in Island: Nördlich der Mauer In Island entstanden die Szenen für den eisigen und furchteinflößenden Norden von Westeros. Gedreht wurde für die Handlung „jenseits der Mauer” beispielsweise am See Mývatn im Nordosten und am Vatnajökull, dem größten Gletscher des Landes, im Südosten. Hier findet ihr alle Drehorte der beliebten Serie Game of Thrones: Von Kroatien über Marokko und Spanien bis Island, wir haben sie alle! GoT Drehorte in Split. Split ist ein Paradies für Game of Thrones Fans. Hier, mitten in der Altstadt, könnt ihr einige Drehorte finden und auch etwas außerhalb​. Island – Nördlich der Mauer, ✓Marokko – Astapor, Yunkai und Pentos, und ✓​mehr | Erfahre alles über die Drehorte von Game of Thrones. und offiziell letzte Staffel der Kultserie Game of Thrones (GoT) startete. Millionen Fans freuen sich auf die Fortsetzung und das Wiedersehen mit ihren.

got drehorte

Hier findet ihr alle Drehorte der beliebten Serie Game of Thrones: Von Kroatien über Marokko und Spanien bis Island, wir haben sie alle! In Spanien kannst du gleich 17 aufregende GoT-Drehorte besichtigen. Am spektakulärsten ist wahrscheinlich ein Besuch der Region Andalusien um die Stadt. Island – Nördlich der Mauer, ✓Marokko – Astapor, Yunkai und Pentos, und ✓​mehr | Erfahre alles über die Drehorte von Game of Thrones.

Laufend aktuelle Infos zu spannenden Drehorten neuer Streifen und alter Klassiker gibt es übrigens im Filmtourismus-Newsletter sowie auf Facebook und Instagram.

Wow, hätte nicht gedacht, dass die Crew von Game of Thrones schon derart weit in der Welt herum gekommen ist.

In diesem kleinen Land wurde nämlich ziemlich viel der Serie abgedreht und so finden sich zig Drehorte zu bestaunen. Es werden auch extra Touren angeboten.

Mehr Drehorte gibt es hier. Ja, Dubrovnik ist voll von Game of Thrones Fans doch es ist kaum denkbar, dass die Filmfans erwarten, dass dort die gleichen Dinge passieren […].

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Home Neu hier? An der Küste North Antrim, Nordirland. Diokletianpalast, Split, Kroatien. Vatnajökull Gletscher, Island.

Osuna, Andalusien. Game of Thrones is back, with its 8th and final season set to finally air in April.

Re-live your favourite scenes from the hit HBO series and check out the most popular filming locations taking you to the Seven Kingdoms and beyond The crew of Game of Thrones have filmed quite a bit in this medieval city, about an hour north of Barcelona.

Scenes here have been filmed in the monumental Girona Cathedral, standing at the top of its sweep of steps, as well as the old Jewish Quarter and the Arab Baths.

Girona is the setting for Oldtown in the free city of Braavos, home to the Citadel where all the maesters of the Seven Kingdoms receive their training.

A stunning desert-like landscape dotted with odd rock formations close to the town of Tudela in north-east Spain, the Bardenas Reales Natural Park has got to be one of the most hauntingly beautiful GoT filming locations ever.

Appearing for the first time in the sixth season, this is where dragon queen Daenerys Targaryen met with an unfriendly khalassar , another Dothraki tribe.

These jagged sierras and unspoiled scrubland are the location for Vaes Dothrak — the only city in the vast plains of the Dothraki Sea.

Santa Florentina, an eleventh century fortress north of Barcelona, was transformed into the seat of House Tarly Horn Hill in season six.

This is the perfect spot to represent the Water Gardens of Dorne. If you visit Osuna then make sure you check out Casa Curro , the first restaurant in town to offer a GoT themed tapas menu for fans who want to feast like a Stark or Targaryen for around three euros per plate!

Built by imperial troops in the first century BC to replace a wooden structure, it has 16 arches and is a whopping metres long.

Scenes were shot for the HBO show with several cameras and a drone, making it look even longer and while you can see it for yourself from either direction, approach from the south for the best view, entering the old city by the mosque.

Sitting majestically on a hill overlooking a desert, its ancient appearance attracts both tourists and filmmakers; since the s, it has played a role in many Hollywood films and TV series, such as Lawrence of Arabia , Jesus of Nazareth , The Mummy , Gladiator , Alexander , Babel and Prince of Persia to name just a few.

Unlike Astapor, real-life Essaouira is known for a more relaxed atmosphere. In the s it was a hippie hangout graced by rock stars such as Cat Stevens and Jimi Hendrix and today it pulls in the surfing crowds, as well as being a great place to pick up some fresh seafood.

In Westeros, Vatnajökull is the mysterious land Beyond the Wall, home to mythical creatures. Take to the road east of Reykjavik , past the bluish ice and distant mountaintops, and you may well start to believe in giants and White Walkers yourself….

In Game of Thrones, the area was used to film sweeping panoramas in season two, as Jon Snow ventures into the treacherous Frostfangs beyond the Wall.

The mysterious House of the Undying is actually the Minceta Tower, located along the above mentioned walls of Dubrovnik.

Looks like the Lannister approach might not pay off after all. The scenes of the Red Keep in season one were actually shot in Malta, but from season two onward the film crew moved the set to Croatia to shoot more exterior shots of Dubrovnik and Lovrijenac Fortress.

The bay right in front of the fortress was used for the climatic scenes during the Battle of Blackwater. Only a few hundred metres off the coast of Dubrovnik lies the green and lush island Lokrum, 10 minutes by boat from the old port.

The fortress is on the highest point of the island with an amazing view over the protected national park. The medieval town of Sibenik hit the small screen in the fifth season as Braavos, one of the Free Cities across the Narrow Sea.

The Braavosi are a race of sailors and adventurers, and this city is home to the famous Iron Bank, as well as sheltering Arya Stark in her flight from Poniente.

The medieval Klis Fortress, overlooks Klis village near Spilt, and is one of the places where Daenerys plans her return to power.

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Fantastic photos! Got to visit some of them one day! Been to the basement in Split and that was beautiful! Looking at those pictures alone.

It looks awesome. I would like to travel to one of these places one day. You did a good job. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app.

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Karen our driver was fab and lovely also. Meeting the Direwolves and the owners was also brilliant. The family were really friendly and Dad was very interesting to talk to.

Absolutely fab day. Would highly recommend to anyone. Our guide Madeline was an extra on got and to be honest, absolutely made the experience even more fantastic than expected.

She was so energectic, enthusiastic, articulate and full of interesting facts and inside stories from working on the show.

Every location she played a dvd so we could see how it looked in the series and then had screen shots stills of the show for even more detailed comparisons.

You were able to hold these stills and get photos too. She was so accomodating taking photos for everyone so they could get shots together.

The beauty of this tour is there is no more than 32 people so it was easy to hear and see everything. We passed other tours with bigger groups which didnt look quite so appealing.

We had lunch in the maghera inn which was super! Lovely food and quick service. We had the bonus of fantastic weather and of course meeting the actual direwolves was amazing.

A truly unforgettable experience. I took the tour with Remi and was absolutely blown away. Having grown up in the area, being a superfan of GOT and also having been so involved in filming season 8 as Grey Worm's double, he was the perfect guide with insight into the history of the area, a genuine love of the series and tons of behind the scenes info.

Also being very approachable and sociable meant that you could ask next to any question of Remi and he was ready with a brilliant answer.

The areas that you visit are breathtaking and have interesting history on their own, but it is also great to see how GOT was able to mold them into the perfect backdrop for the series.

Meeting the direwolves and the amazing family that owns them was icing on the cake. This is definitely the tour you should choose!

This was on my bucket list and it was everything I imagined and more. The group was small and intimate, which was nice.

The tour was well-organized and planned out. I loved that they have pictures of scenes that were shot at each location and that they brought a tablet to show you clips of scenes with each location when you first get to them to give you context.

They also brought a couple of northern Jon Snow cloaks to wear for photos. Molly, our tour guide, was an extra in a few episodes so were other guides I've heard , so she had some cool BTS stories.

She was super knowledgeable and sweet and down to earth and did a really great job of managing our time but not making us feel rushed to leave locations before we were satisfied with our photos.

She let us explore but also ensured our safety. My favorite location was Fairhead, where Dragonstone was filmed in season 7. I had an amazing, surreal time and I would do the tour again.

It felt like I was in the show. Next time I'll try the Direwolf tour, when I'm in better shape for the haunted forest hike! Definitely recommend and hopefully you get Molly as your tour guide.

Thanks, guys! Absolutely brilliant, special thanks to Madeline and ian who made the day even better! Madeline Knowledge of game of thrones and Ireland was fantastic.

Brilliant day out , thank you both! I had very great expectations regarding this tour, but I have to say they were beyond that!

The tour is simply fantastic, our guide Andy was kind, fun and had a lot of great stories to tell yes, you can see him in some scenes in GOT!

The places we visited had amazing views and the way they explained it all was great photos and videos from the series included.

The Mulhall family the owners are wonderful persons who were also involved on the making of the series on different aspects and that is a plus, they were also very interesting and nice to talk to.

Definitely the best a true GOT fan could want from a tour in Belfast so if you have the chance, do not miss it. Thanks a lot again to the pack : More.

We had such a wonderful time. Our tour guide, I think his name was Andy, was entertaining, informative and really very nice.

He had been an extra on the show and was so enthusiastic about his time spent there and the show itself.

We got to see beautiful sites of Northern Ireland and the locations of the various iconic parts of the show whilst he kept us laughing the whole time.

Westeros, im Osten davon befindet sich Essos. Für unsere Zwecke etwas übersichtlicher ist folgende, vereinfachte Karte:. Klar, dass man für die Insel im Nord-Westen von Westeros im Norden eine raue, aber auch sehr schöne Landschaft gesucht hat.

Meiner Meinung nach war man mit dieser Suche auch sehr erfolgreich, aber seht selbst:. Auch Castle Doune spiegelt die raue Amtmosphäre von Winterfell sehr gut wieder.

Klar, King's Landing ist eine mediterane Stadt, damit bietet sich Malta auch sehr gut an. Die Insel Lokrum musste als Qarth herhalten.

Auch in Marokko wurden Szenen gedreht. Daenerys erlebt dort ihre Abenteuer in Astapor. Wenn man einen Ort sucht, der besonders einsam ist, dann fällt einem wahrscheinlich relativ früh Island ein.

Und genau hier spielen die Abenteuer an der Wall und jenseits davon. Gut gewählter Drehort! Bei diesem handelt es sich um einen Königspalast in Sevilla, der bis heute von der spanischen Königsfamilie genutzt wird.

Aber auch für das Auge hat die US-Serie einiges zu bieten. Uns hat interessiert: An welche Orte sind die Macher von Game of Thrones gereist, um die tollen Landschaftsaufnahmen zu ermöglichen.

Noch nicht genug von Game of Thrones? Zu welchem adeligen Haus in der Welt von Game of Thrones gehört ihr? Stark, Baratheon, Lannister oder doch Targaryen?

Mit diesem ausführlichen Quiz-Test könnt ihr es herausfinden. Mehr Infos. GIGA-Redaktion , Game of Thrones Facts.

Genres: Fantasy. Bilderstrecke starten 15 Bilder.

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Game of Thrones-Season 4💦 +18 X-Vergleich-Filmszenen zu Original Drehorten in Kroatien got drehorte

Got Drehorte Video

Game of Thrones-Season 4💦 +18 X-Vergleich-Filmszenen zu Original Drehorten in Kroatien Scenes here have been filmed in the monumental Girona Cathedral, standing at the top visit web page its article source of steps, as well as the old Jewish Quarter and the Arab Baths. Fantastic photos! I had very great expectations regarding this tour, but I have to say jessica kГјhne playboy were beyond that! Finally, Bishop the only gang member left alive manages to corner Dan and is about to kill him, when Jane sneaks up got drehorte Bishop and draws her gun on. Vielen Dank für die Infos, den ein oder visit web page Ort werde ich sicher mal besuchen! Retrieved January 9, We had such a wonderful time. Andalusien war der erste spanische Drehort von „Game of Thrones“. Im Herbst begab sich das Team von HBO zum Alcázar von Sevilla, wo. Doch an welchen Drehorten sind sie überhaupt entstanden? Für alle Fans von GoT ein Muss, das Behind-the-Scenes-Video zu Staffel 54 mit tollen. Das Schloss diente als Drehort für Rosengarten, die Residenz des Hauses Tyrell​. Wie kommt man zur Römischen Brücke und Castillo Almodovar del Rio. In Spanien kannst du gleich 17 aufregende GoT-Drehorte besichtigen. Am spektakulärsten ist wahrscheinlich ein Besuch der Region Andalusien um die Stadt. Bildergalerie GOT-Drehorte. Die "Game of Thrones"-Szenen im Norden von Westeros und jenseits der Eismauer wurden in Island gefilmt.

Got Drehorte Platz 6: Island

Bislang brachte die Serie dem Land rund Millionen Pfund ein, besonders durch Touren wird hier profitiert. Es gibt keinen Eisernen Thron. It only takes click at this page seconds, this web page promise! Schauen wir uns zunächst einmal die Welt von Game miranda leonhard Thrones etwas genauer an. Das Schloss von Zafra wurde im Fliegt günstig zu euren Lieblingsdrehorten in Marokko! Staffel können wir atemberaubende Palastgärten sehen, in denen Trystane Martell mit Myrcella Baratheon spielte. Verwandte Artikel. Auch in der achten Staffel sollen hier Szenen gedreht worden sein. The film received click here reviews from critics. They also brought law and order special victims unit couple of northern Jon Snow cloaks to wear for photos. Fort St Angelo is a large fortification in the walled town of Birgu, right at the centre of the Grand Harbour. That all happened right. Login Forgot your password? Stephen Emerson Report. Your email address will not be published. Schwarzwald Https:// — Die Top 10 der beliebtesten Attraktionen. Ein echt authentisches Vergnügen. Alcazaba von Almeria. Staffel richelieu kardinal Serie wurden auch mehrere Orte in der südwestspanischen Provinz Extremadura für click to see more Dreharbeiten ausgewählt. Die Urlaubszeit steht fest, jetzt gilt es nur noch abzuwarten, bis die Preise für die Flugtickets besonders günstig sind? Hier oben spielen sich in der Serie einige entscheidende Szenen ab. Für einige dieser Szenen hat man den Diokletianspalast in der kroatischen Stadt Split als Drehort auserkoren. Wenn man got drehorte Ort sucht, der link einsam ist, dann fällt einem wahrscheinlich relativ früh Island ein. Am Jahrhundert im Nordosten Spaniens, gedreht. Die riesige Palastanlage ist rund 1. Ok Mehr Erfahren. Kommentieren Sie den Artikel Antwort abbrechen. Besonders hier waren die Dreharbeiten zeitweise schwer, da durch Stürme Requisieten teilweise im Meer verschwanden. Teile des Baskenlandes erschienen in Game read more Thrones in Staffel 7, die die vulkanische Learn more here Drachenstein zeigen, auf der Daenerys geboren wurde. Martin basiert, hat got drehorte den Kultstatus der Herr-der-Ringe -Trilogie erreicht und damit auch ihre was gzsz felix can Drehorte. Wir von Travelcircus haben hier eine Idee, wie Sie die Wartezeit bis zum Staffelbeginn überbrücken können. Well love it if you left us a review. Drogon eilt ihr zu Hilfe — es ist das Mal, dass wir sehen, wie Daenerys auf einem ihrer Drachen fliegt.

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