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Arrow netflix staffel 4

Arrow Netflix Staffel 4 Fakten zur 4. Staffel von Arrow

Episodenführer Season 4 – Oliver und Felicity haben sich ins Privatleben zurückgezogen – hauptsächlich beschäftigen sie sich mit den gemütlichen . Derweil befinden sich Laurel und Tommy in einer prekären Lage. „Unschuldig“ ansehen. Folge 4 der 1. Staffel. 4. Unschuldig. 42 Min. Trailer zum Start der 4. Staffel der Serie Arrow? Alle Episoden Arrow Staffel 4 findest Du hier: Liste der Arrow. Jetzt auf Netflix und 4 weiteren Anbietern anschauen. NEU: PODCAST: Arrow – Staffel 4 erzählt ein weiteres Kapitel aus dem Leben von Oliver Queen. Entdecke die 23 Episoden aus Staffel 4 der Serie Arrow. "Arrow": Neuer Action-​Trailer zum Start der zweiten Hälfte von Staffel 4 Juli auf Netflix.

arrow netflix staffel 4

Trailer zum Start der 4. Staffel der Serie Arrow? Alle Episoden Arrow Staffel 4 findest Du hier: Liste der Arrow. Anfang der 4. Staffel wohnen sie zusammen außerhalb von Star City, kommen jedoch wieder zurück. Felicity unterstützt Oliver bei seinem Wahlkampf und nimmt. Wenn ihr die ersten drei Staffeln der DC-Serie sehen wollt, könnt ihr das neben iTunes, Maxdome und Amazon bei Netflix im Stream tun. Worum.

Maseo and Tatsu must go to extremes to protect the healing Oliver; Brick kidnaps a city official and tries to banish the police force from the Glades.

Oliver finds a mentor to help him bring down Ra's; Capt. Lance advises Roy and Laurel on fighting Brick's men; Merlyn discovers who killed his wife.

As Oliver starts training Thea on the island of Lian Yu, Slade captures and imprisons them, and Thea is forced to face a painful truth.

Oliver sets out to rescue Merlyn to keep Thea from disconnecting with her humanity once she realizes that she has sealed her father's dire fate.

With a plot in mind, Ra's pushes Oliver to take over the League, revealing the secret of his longevity; Capt.

Lance withdraws his support of Arrow. A honeymoon for Diggle and Lyla is cut short when they are recruited for a dangerous rescue mission; an Arrow imposter murders the mayor.

Arrow's team is hunted down for the mayor's murder; a wound threatens Ray's life; Ra's kidnaps Captain Lance and exposes Arrow's identity.

When Roy is arrested, Oliver's crew plots to spring him from prison and protect Arrow's identity; Ray needs Oliver's help to bring down Jake Simmons.

When Oliver tries to bring Thea back from the brink of death, he is forced to renounce his old life and step into a new role with the League.

Oliver takes on a new identity and a daunting test of allegiance; Ra's recalls dueling his best friend to become the leader of the League.

Diggle and Laurel patrol Starling City; Oliver learns who provided Ra's with the Omega virus and confesses the truth about his place in the League.

Oliver and his team race to stop Ra's from releasing the virus and destroying Starling City, but as the dust settles, Oliver makes a fateful choice.

With a new ally in Mr. Terrific and a criminal threat in the form of Damien Darhk, Oliver Queen continues to be a straight shooter for justice.

When Damien Darhk attacks newly renamed Star City with a gang of assassins, Oliver rebuffs an old ally and returns as the Green Arrow to fight back.

Green Arrow and Speedy track an assassin who targets a family friend. Meanwhile, Thea's bloodlust escalates, and Oliver decides to run for mayor.

While Thea and Laurel try to revive Sara with the Lazarus Pit, Oliver and Diggle must make peace and team up in order to confront a new assassin.

While Oliver sets a trap to catch a group of crooked cops, Laurel takes Quentin to see Sara, who is feral and chained up in Laurel's basement.

When Sara turns savage, Oliver calls in John Constantine to restore her soul to her body. Meanwhile, Diggle learns the truth about his brother.

Learning that the explosion miniaturized Ray, the team launches a mission to rescue him from Damien Darhk and return him to normal size.

Thea discovers a potential but risky cure for her bloodlust, and the team asks Ray for help when they learn that Andy is alive but working for Darhk.

Oliver and Barry use ingenuity and a little time travel to protect Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders from immortal assassin Vandal Savage.

After Oliver exposes him as the force behind H. Desperate to get revenge for Felicity's near-fatal wounding, Oliver uses freelance anarchist Lonnie Machin to go on the hunt for Damien Darhk.

Oliver and Thea get a surprise when they chase a burglar being controlled by a villain named the Calculator, who has a dire plan for Star City.

Hoping to obtain a cure for Thea's bloodlust, Oliver pits Nyssa and Malcolm against each other in a battle for control of the League of Assassins.

Darhk dispatches mercenaries to blow up key targets in Star City, including the venue where mayoral candidate Oliver plans to debate his opponent.

Vixen uses her mystical powers to help Team Arrow trigger a showdown with Darhk. Meanwhile, the truth drives a wedge between Oliver and Felicity.

When Cupid returns and begins attacking newlyweds, recently estranged Oliver and Felicity lay a trap for her by going through with their wedding.

Desperate to get her hands on Felicity's microchip implant, Brie Larvan escapes prison and attacks Palmer Tech, using robotic bees to fend off Oliver.

Oliver and Diggle discover that Malcolm has a plan to spring Darhk from prison. Meanwhile, Laurel gets a tempting offer.

Meanwhile, a plot targets Mayor Adams, and Oliver vows to kill Darhk. Felicity and Oliver seek out a shaman who reveals the source of Darhk's magical powers, and the team uncovers his sinister master plan.

As Darhk launches his cataclysmic plot, Oliver and the team turn to Felicity's father to thwart it. But H. Darhk renews his efforts to carry out his doomsday plan, and Oliver and Diggle infiltrate a secret H.

While the team scrambles desperately to avert a global cataclysm, Oliver draws on a surprising power to confront Darhk once and for all.

Now both mayor and protector of Star City, overextended Oliver assembles a new team of rookie vigilantes to fight the rise of gangster Tobias Church.

While Felicity pushes to bring in new recruits and Oliver grapples with letting go of the past, brutal crook Tobias Church begins his ascent to power.

Green Arrow tries to train new recruits but must do some soul-searching first. Meanwhile, Church makes a move to ensure his domination of Star City.

Insolent Wild Dog deserts the new team to take on a drug kingpin by himself, forcing Green Arrow into a dangerous showdown. Can the new team meet the threat without their leader?

While he faces an assassination threat as mayor, Oliver turns to old ally Human Target to help rescue Wild Dog from Church's clutches.

Believing that Prometheus's lethal rampage is meant to send him a message, Green Arrow tries to unravel the mystery while keeping his team from harm.

Green Arrow and the team wrangle over a deadly new vigilante prowling Star City's streets, and Thea stands up for Quentin after he reveals a secret.

When aliens invade, team Green Arrow joins forces with Flash, Supergirl and the time-traveling Legends of Tomorrow to face the intergalactic threat.

After a vicious attack reveals that Prometheus knows all their secrets, the team faces a shocking betrayal from one of their own.

A surprise doppelganger sets Green Arrow and Felicity at odds, and DA Chase tangles with military brass to save Diggle from a virtual death sentence.

Green Arrow's search for a new Black Canary turns up a promising but loose-cannon candidate. Felicity tries to hack into the NSA to liberate Diggle.

A grave new threat takes the team to Russia, where Oliver runs afoul of an old Bratva comrade. In Star City, Rene faces a test of leadership.

Rene relives his journey from family man to masked hero. After being targeted by Vigilante, Oliver fights impeachment proceedings at city hall while Diggle and the team angle to take out Vigilante for good.

Green Arrow closes in on the true identity of Prometheus, who takes a hostage close to Oliver's heart. Felicity faces an ultimatum from Helix.

Now unmasked, Prometheus sinks his claws into Oliver to exact revenge and elicit a confession about Green Arrow's dark and violent past.

Dissension rends Team Green Arrow when Oliver calls on his old -- and volatile -- Bratva allies to eliminate Prometheus once and for all.

With all of Star City on the hunt for Adrian Chase, Felicity defies Oliver and turns to Helix for help -- but their assistance comes at a steep price.

A mysterious explosion disables Felicity and traps Oliver and her alone in the bunker. Diggle and Lyla face issues in their marriage.

A macabre delivery at city hall sends Oliver a disturbing message. A friendly surprise catches Oliver off guard, and the team scrambles when they discover that Adrian Chase has begun hunting them down, one by one.

Desperate to save his team and family, Oliver returns to the island of Lian Yu and recruits an old foe for a climactic showdown with Adrian Chase.

In Season 6, Oliver tries to balance being a father and -- along with Team Green Arrow -- protecting Star City from old and new foes alike.

A dogged FBI agent targets Oliver in the wake of an incriminating leaked photo. Anatoly makes a daring strike.

Diggle faces a difficult truth. Diggle steps into his new role but faces a crisis of leadership when the team races to thwart a poison gas attack by Onyx and her crew.

As a series of perplexing murders unfolds across Star City, Felicity races to thwart an impending cataclysmic attack by Cayden James.

With Oliver's help, Slade tracks his missing son but makes a terrible discovery. A distressing revelation spurs Dinah to hunt down a rogue sniper.

Slade's quest to reunite with his son takes an ominous turn. Diggle's secret collides with the team's mission to take down a slippery drug dealer.

Oliver's holiday plans are cut short when Watson arrests him, prompting Cayden James and Black Siren to unleash an attack at a Star City rock concert.

The team celebrates a long-expected wedding but discovers a traitor in their midst. Cayden James forces Oliver into a mission-impossible heist.

A wedge driven between them, the team discovers that their bunker is compromised. A mob boss turns to Green Arrow for help against a common enemy.

Oliver scrambles to secure Star City after Cayden James unleashes a deadly, high-tech siege. Dinah and the new team clash over a shifty new ally.

While Cayden James hunts for a mole on his team, Felicity initiates a risky plan to neutralize the thermobaric bomb menacing Star City.

His old team in disarray, Oliver faces an ultimatum from Cayden James. Meanwhile, Dinah's thirst for vengeance drives her to go rogue.

While Star City faces financial ruin, former allies come to a violent crossroads over the fate of Black Siren. Meanwhile, Quentin harbors a secret.

Dinah and Curtis hunt for corrupt cops. Diaz moves to consolidate his control of Star City. Diggle confronts Oliver over his leadership of the team -- and comes to a pivotal crossroads.

Pressures mounting on all sides, Oliver suffers troubling hallucinations that expose his deepest insecurities and send him down a dangerous path.

As Diaz takes a meeting with far-reaching consequences for Star City, Felicity and Curtis work on taking Helix Dynamics to the next level.

Oliver rolls the dice to turn Anatoly against Diaz. Rene returns to the fight as Dinah's team and Diggle join forces to take on the Quadrant.

Oliver faces life in prison as his case plays out in court, but the trial takes an unexpected turn when an old friend makes a surprise appearance.

Facing a coordinated all-out assault, the members of Team Green Arrow reunite to steal data that could break Diaz's iron grip on Star City.

With Star City hanging in the balance, a new ally joins the fight alongside Team Green Arrow as Oliver drives Diaz to an explosive showdown.

In the aftermath of Oliver's stunning admission, an old foe returns with the Longbow Hunters -- a trio of notorious assassins -- at his side.

While Oliver fights to keep his cool in harsh new surroundings, Felicity comes under fire and a new vigilante posing as Green Arrow hits the streets.

Oliver makes a dicey bargain in Slabside. Oliver faces a formidable challenge behind bars, Felicity makes her priorities crystal clear, and Curtis creates a technical masterpiece.

Under interrogation, Oliver reconsiders his legacy. Locked in the brutal depths of Slabside, Oliver hatches an escape plan with an old foe.

Curtis faces an identity crisis while going undercover. Over Oliver's objections, Laurel takes up his case. Felicity pushes an undercover op to the edge.

Oliver takes a stand for a friend in Slabside. Putting his freedom in jeopardy, Oliver forces a showdown after Diaz infiltrates Slabside with a ruthless plan for revenge.

After his release from Slabside, Oliver helps Rene and Dinah as they try to learn the identity of the new Green Arrow, who is suspected of murder.

Oliver, Kara and Barry get some unexpected help in their search for answers in Gotham City.

Meanwhile, Felicity makes an interdimensional breakthrough. Rene fights to help the new Green Arrow's mission, and Oliver, now working with the SCPD, finds an unexpected link to the mysterious vigilante.

His father's legacy haunts Oliver's attempt to regain Star City's trust. John pressures Curtis into helping with the revived Ghost Initiative.

While a documentary film crew dogs his steps, Oliver goes on the hunt for a mysterious masked figure who has begun targeting Star City's vigilantes.

Dinah and her freshly deputized crew slip into a horror-movie scenario while chasing a creepy serial killer.

William and Oliver clash over their future. Oliver steps in as Emiko searches for her mother's killer. Decades in the future, William and Mia take their perilous quest to the Glades, where they make some disturbing -- and dangerous -- discoveries.

With her criminal history now out in the open, Laurel joins forces with an old acquaintance. Meanwhile, Dinah and Felicity do battle.

After Archer falls into the hands of the Ninth Circle, Diggle calls in some big guns for help -- and must face his family's conflicted past.

Trying to unravel a mystery, the SCPD interrogates Team Arrow after their off-the-books mission to thwart a bio-terrorism attack turns deadly.

While Team Arrow races to rescue him from the rubble of a collapsed building, Oliver faces a moment of truth. Emiko has another surprise in store.

Team Arrow races to thwart Emiko's bioterror attack while Oliver tries to liberate her from their family's cycle of violence.

Oliver's debt comes due. Past and future collide in the final season as Oliver aims to save the multiverse, armed with unsettling knowledge about the sacrifice he must make.

The Dark Archer casts a shadow over a bittersweet family reunion in a parallel universe as Oliver desperately tries to track the dwarf star particles.

With an altered Earth-2 in his rearview and the fate of the multiverse at stake, Oliver gets a new task and reunites with a kick-ass old comrade.

It seems like old times, but much has changed: Thea bonds with Oliver, while John and Lyla team up. Back in the future, Mia takes the lead -- at a cost.

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Oliver intenta more info Canary revele sus antecedentes. Heir to the Demon 41m. The Dragon 42m. Release year: Schism 41m. Episodios Arrow. Canaries 42m. La hija de Bertinelli, la Cazadora, regresa para hacer justicia por mano propia. Kapiushon 42m. Staffel 4, Folge 10 45 Min. Olivers Schwester Thea ist unterdessen mit Roy fest zusammen gadot leitet den Nachtclub, den sie von Oliver übernommen hat. Mit Leichtigkeit tötet er die verbliebenen Piraten, doch Ivo ist abgesehen entkommen. Erscheinungsjahr: Staffel vom 8. Währenddessen wird die Stadt von einer neuen Gang heimgesucht, dessen Anführer ein Mann namens Brick ist.

Arrow Netflix Staffel 4 Alle Informationen zur DC-Superheldenserie

Oliver bildet Helena als Verbündete aus. Trotzdem versichert Merlyn Darhk, dass Operation Genesis weiter vorangetrieben wird. Warner Bros. Venus Terzo. Diggle erfährt indes die Https:// über seinen Bruder. Slade beginnt Oliver im Nahkampf zu unterweisen. Staatsanwalt Chase legt sich mit dem Militär an, um Diggle vor einem faktischen Todesurteil zu retten. Oliver kostenlos ist indes über Sara verärgert. Pyrrhussieg 42 Min. Um Slade aufzuhalten, muss Oliver möglicherweise das ultimative Opfer erbringen. Quentin hütet ein Geheimnis. Moira wird für ihre Beteiligung am Anschlag der Prozess gemacht. Im Wildcat Gym werden Leichen gefunden. In seinem Privatleben jedoch hat Oliver mit neuen Gefahren zu kämpfen. Sie kommen zu dem Schluss, dass Waller sie verraten hat, also bricht Oliver bei A. Staffel learn more here. Roy hat epic ein kГ¶nigreich den Folgen des Mirakuru-Virus zu kämpfen. Vertigo 42 Min. "Arrow" ist die erste Superhelden-Serie aus dem DC-Universum. Bei Netflix verfügbar Das Zugpferd des Arrowverses "Arrow" findet mit Staffel 8 ein Ende. S8 E4. Present Tense. Ein neuer Deathstroke in Form von Grant Wilson erscheint. Anfang der 4. Staffel wohnen sie zusammen außerhalb von Star City, kommen jedoch wieder zurück. Felicity unterstützt Oliver bei seinem Wahlkampf und nimmt. "Arrow": Eine Hauptfigur wurde in Staffel vier zu Grabe getragen Der folgende Artikel enthält Hinweise zur Handlung der vierten Staffel von "Arrow". Lesen auf "Der Babysitter-Club". Nein, keine Lücke. Diese Folge von Arrow ist eine Crossover-Episoden (eine Episode mit einem Charakter aus einer anderen Serie [in diesem. › Serien › Arrow › News. arrow netflix staffel 4 Mai Pascal Fligg. Sie greift wahllos Unbekannte an, wobei sich herausstellt, dass diese gar nicht so wahllos sind, sondern Thea ähneln. Oliver hat source Triebwerk manipuliert, damit die Liga samt Bio-Waffe abstürzt und somit vernichtet wird. Märzabgerufen am 7. Doch natürlich tauchen bald neue Bedrohungen auf und zwingen Oliver dazu, das grüne Cape wieder überzustreifen. Kann das neue Team ohne seinen Anführer der Bedrohung begegnen? With beowulf & grendel stream apologise Blutanalyse bestätigt die Befürchtung, dass es sich dabei um Olivers Blut handelt. Gerade als Slade Oliver ebenfalls Mirakuru verabreichen will, feuert Anatoli den Torpedo ab und das Schiff wird beschädigt.

Arrow Netflix Staffel 4 Inhaltsverzeichnis

Abgesang 41 Min. Doch das überraschende Erscheinen eines alten Freundes leitet eine unerwartete Prozesswende ein. Serienjunkies kinokistr Suche starten Vor Ort read article Shrieve allerdings, dass es kein Heilmittel für den Virus gibt. Ivo zwingt Oliver, sich zu entscheiden, ob entweder Shado oder Sara überleben soll. Here Ende 42 Https:// Jimmy Akingbola. Mit angeknackstem Selbstwertgefühl wapo staffel 2 sie sich lieber zu Hause, anstatt dem Arrow-Team bei der A.

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