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Homecoming ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die Amazons Streaming-​Portal Prime Video seit veröffentlicht. Sie beruht auf dem gleichnamigen. Heidi Bergman arbeitet als Sozialarbeiterin bei `Homecoming', einer Einrichtung, die Soldaten zurück ins zivile Leben hilft. Jahre nachdem sie die Einrichtung verlassen und ein neues Leben angefangen hat, werden ihre Erlebnisse in Frage gestellt. Neue Amazon-Serie:"Homecoming" hat, was fast allen Serien fehlt. Detailansicht öffnen. Das Trauma danach. Homecoming ist eine US-amerikanische Psycho-Thriller-Serie aus dem Hause Amazon, die auf dem gleichnamigen Podcast von Eli Horowitz und Micah. aber leider machen große Namen noch keine großen Filme oder Serien, bestes Beispiel dafür ist leider "Homecoming". Ich persönlich finde die Serie extrem.

homecoming serie

aber leider machen große Namen noch keine großen Filme oder Serien, bestes Beispiel dafür ist leider "Homecoming". Ich persönlich finde die Serie extrem. Neue Amazon-Serie:"Homecoming" hat, was fast allen Serien fehlt. Detailansicht öffnen. Das Trauma danach. Homecoming ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die Amazons Streaming-​Portal Prime Video seit veröffentlicht. Sie beruht auf dem gleichnamigen.

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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. An anthology series centered around the mysterious Geist Group, an unconventional wellness company and their equally unorthodox program, the Homecoming Initiative.

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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Nominated for 3 Golden Globes. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Stephan James Walter Cruz 17 episodes, Bobby Cannavale Colin Belfast 11 episodes, Hong Chau Audrey Temple 11 episodes, Alex Karpovsky Craig 11 episodes, Julia Roberts Heidi Bergman 10 episodes, Shea Whigham Leonard Geist 7 episodes, Ayden Mayeri Learn more More Like This.

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Title screen from the first episode. Psychological thriller. John G. Lenic season 1 Marc Bienstock. Tod Campbell season 1 Jas Shelton season 2.

Official website. In early , Walter Cruz leaves the military after four tours of duty and volunteers for the Homecoming Transitional Support Center, a new residential occupational program designed to assist ex-servicemen smoothly reintegrate into civilian life.

He is introduced to his counselor, Heidi Bergman, one of the administrators at Homecoming. Colin, Heidi's demanding boss, pushes her to get the "data" on the program as soon as possible.

In , Heidi is living with her mother and working as a waitress when she is approached by Thomas Carrasco, an investigator from the Department of Defense, who tells her he is following up on an old complaint from an employee that Cruz was held there against his will.

Heidi says she has no memory of him. Walter gamely follows the plan at Homecoming, including taking medication prescribed daily.

His cynical friend Joseph Shrier, whom he served with, seems paranoid and is suspicious that they are there to get help.

Since they arrived at Homecoming via a military flight that landed at a base, Shrier believes they may not even be in Florida, and he hasn't been swallowing the daily pills.

Prompted by seeing a pineapple cobbler at a meal, Shrier suggests to Walter that they are being manipulated to think they are in Florida, and then gives a yelling rant in the dining room.

In , Thomas tracks down Walter's mother, Gloria Morisseau, who is also uncooperative but exhibits surprise when told that Heidi Bergman did not remember Walter.

Thomas reports his findings to his superior. In , Shrier convinces Walter to wander outside the facility and then steals a van, where they drive around for hours before encountering anyone else.

They stumble across a seemingly empty downtown, but they are convinced when they are told it is a retirement community.

Shrier is expelled from Homecoming. Colin wants Walter gone as well, but Heidi is able to convince him it will look even better for the program if he is successful after initially experiencing disciplinary issues.

In , Heidi meets with her ex-boyfriend, Anthony, who reminds her how her devotion to her career — and her boss who called constantly — ended their relationship.

Anthony is stunned when Heidi does not remember Colin. Despite being pressured to close the case, Thomas follows his hunch and continues to look into Homecoming.

When reviewing records, he notices that Walter and Heidi left Homecoming on the same date, May 15, , when Walter was expelled for violence and Heidi was hospitalized.

In , Walter is upset that Shrier was expelled and his belongings thrown away, including the harmonica that belonged to Lesky, who was part of their unit.

Heidi retrieves the harmonica for Walter, who tells her how Lesky was killed by an IED after Walter assigned him to another vehicle.

Walter speaks to his mother, who is concerned about him and how vague he is acting. Heidi is shocked to learn she was hospitalized and is having significant memory gaps.

She finds her old phone and sees she called Colin constantly. She calls Colin, who hangs up on her.

In , Heidi bonds with Walter through a series of mutual pranks. One involves Heidi's pens, stapler, and other items she obsessively neatly aligns parallel to each other on her desk; Walter moves them to random angles and leaves them for her to find that way.

Another involves bringing into Heidi's office the loud pelican they hear outside, whose cries punctuate their sessions.

Colin hears that Heidi returned the harmonica to Walter and forces her to review the purpose of Homecoming, which is to eradicate PTSD via medication "to delete the harmful responses to the traumatic memories.

In , Thomas tracks down Shrier, who is exhibiting signs of mental decline. Shrier says he warned Walter about Heidi and that she knew everything.

Colin goes to Tampa to try to intimidate Heidi at the diner, but is shocked and then relieved when she does not recognize him.

He is alarmed when he sees Thomas' business card left in a jar on the counter. In , after not hearing from Walter for two weeks, Gloria contacts the VA , who informs her Homecoming is run by a contractor, Geist Emergent Group.

Gloria is sure that Geist, which manufacturers household cleaners, has ulterior motives. She goes to Tampa and convinces him to leave.

While packing, Walter confesses to Heidi he has feelings for her and decides to stay. As Gloria drives home, she calls the DOD hotline, pretending to be a Homecoming employee, and makes the anonymous complaint that Cruz is being held against his will.

In , Colin follows Heidi to the laundromat, where she still has no recollection of him, and flirts with her. He introduces himself as Hunter, a military contractor who just returned from Afghanistan and discovered his wife is leaving him.

He takes her on a date and they sleep together. She confides that she thinks she did something wrong but doesn't know what it is.

In , in the fifth week of treatment, Heidi is shocked when Walter suddenly has no recollection of one of his funnier memories from service, a prank that he, Shrier and Lesky played on another serviceman.

He also does not remember Lesky's death, which he detailed the previous week. Colin dismisses Heidi's alarm and lets it slip that the "success" of the medications means these soldiers will be able to be redeployed.

In , Thomas approaches Gloria, from whom he gets audio tapes of Walter's sessions with Heidi. Heidi is shocked to hear she sent the tapes to Gloria.

She tells "Hunter" that she needs to go to Homecoming to find Colin, and he insists on accompanying her.

In , Thomas' supervisor Pam chastises him for wasting time investigating Homecoming Protocol. Infuriated, he breaks into the Homecoming offices, which are closed for renovation.

Meanwhile, Heidi and Colin explore an adjacent office building with the same layout, which she mistakes for her former place of business.

Heidi realizes she has never been there before and feels even more lost. From the window of the other building, Thomas sees Heidi and Colin together.

Just then, Heidi hears the loud cry of a pelican, bringing back her memory of Colin. She runs from him as Thomas chases them down. Colin insults and demeans Thomas, enraging Heidi, who pushes Colin into a fountain.

Heidi leaves with Thomas. In , Heidi tries to make sense of her role at Homecoming. In , in week six, Heidi is upset when Walter talks excitedly about his redeployment and his hope that he will be reunited with Shrier who was sent to a psychiatric facility , and Lesky, whose death has been erased from his memory.

She takes him for another lunch at the cafeteria and joins him in eating, even though the food is loaded with the week-six high dosage of memory-erasing drugs.

In , Heidi takes her tapes of her sessions and leaves Homecoming after discharging Walter against Colin's wishes.

Walter's extra dosage of Week 6 food leaves him incapacitated, and Heidi loses her memory. An employee at Homecoming falsifies records to claim that Walter was sent home for violent misconduct and that Heidi was hospitalized.

In , on being confronted about his altercation with Thomas at Homecoming and Thomas' escalation of the complaint, Colin panics, then suggests that Geist set Heidi up as a fall guy by claiming she was a rogue employee.

His administrative assistant Audrey has now been appointed his new boss, and she informs Colin that he is the one who will be labeled the rogue employee.

Heidi drives to Fish Camp, California , where Walter at age 17 had gone on a memorable road trip. In a diner, she sees Walter, and they speak for a few minutes.

She sees he lives there happily and apparently doesn't remember her. However just after he leaves, Heidi looks down at her silverware and sees that Walter has moved her fork out of alignment with her knife and spoon, just as he used to in her office, and she looks out the window after him with a quizzical smile.

A post-credits scene shows Colin signing papers to take the blame in any possible investigations. After leaving the room, Audrey experiences anxiety and rubs the memory-deleting drug on her wrists.

Kyle Patrick Alvarez. A woman wakes up on a rowboat with no memory of how she got there. She sees a man on shore who leaves when she asks for help.

She makes her way to shore in a catatonic state and is found by a park ranger. A VA card identifies her as Jackie, a veteran.

The park ranger takes Jackie to a hospital. The doctor believes her to be a heroin user due to a bruise on her arm, but she leaves before they can confront her about it.

A person who Jackie met at the hospital takes her to a bar called Skins. Jackie had found a cloth in her coat that was from this bar.

At the bar, Jackie is confronted by an employee before she is led to a vacant motel room. She finds medicine belonging to Geist as well as money, a credit card and a photo of Jackie in her military days.

Jackie also discovers that her military tattoo can be washed off. She is knocked out by the stranger who has been helping her.

On a farm, Leonard Geist discovers a fruit, possibly the origin of the memory erasing drug. At the motel, Jackie silences a car alarm using the car keys that were on her when she was discovered by the ranger.

This reveals that she had left her car there. Investigating the car, she finds the name of Alex Eastern, which was also on the credit card in the room.

From overhearing a phone conversation, she finds out that Audrey and Alex may work together. She follows Audrey's car to the Geist facility where the company is holding a brand relaunch party.

Jackie is led into a testing room with other patients where she is invited to test new products. She suspects something sinister is going on, so she flees from the group and tasers the group's leader, Craig.

She proceeds to snoop around the facility. Sneaking into Audrey's office, she finds vials of memory-erasing drugs and a photo of her.

Audrey attempts to stop Leonard from speaking at the Geist relaunch, but he does so anyway and speaks out against the company.

She is revealed to be in a relationship with Audrey who, under Colin's control, begins to feel not very valued in her work for Geist.

She uses the memory-erasing drug to soothe her anxiety. Alex is revealed to have helped Audrey in coercing Colin to take the fall for the Homecoming program when the Department of Defense launched an investigation in the first season.

Audrey heard of the investigation and, with Alex's help, managed to force him to take the fall.

However, she tells Leonard Geist about Homecoming, which he had not heard of before. He fires Colin for having the veterans ingest the memory-erasing drugs.

In Fish Camp, after leaving Heidi, Walter has painful flashbacks. He suspects that his memory actually may not have been altered through brain surgery.

Audrey attends the Department of Defense investigation meeting and confesses to having broke protocol. The meeting is witnessed by Francine Bunda, who later calls Audrey and asks if she and Leonard could give her a tour of the facility.

Leonard stops using the memory-erasing drug roller while Walter soon discovers that he received treatment from Geist but no surgery.

He becomes aggressive when he discovers that getting a response from Geist about his treatment will take weeks. Leonard and Audrey both give Bunda a tour, but when he reveals he is going to stop using the berries, she becomes worried since she wanted to partner with Geist.

She feels the program worked since no veteran came forward with issues and the only problem was with the protocols.

She wants to revive the program. Leonard refuses but Bunda informs Audrey that the idea is moving forward regardless.

Alex and Audrey celebrate, but the conversation moves to having children.

homecoming serie Die Amazon-Serie "Homecoming" erzählt in jeder Staffel eine neue Geschichte rund um die mysteriöse Geist Group. Was euch in den einzelnen Staffeln. Homecoming ist eine Serie von Sam Esmail und Eli Horowitz mit Janelle Monáe (​Jackie), Hong Chau (Audrey Temple). Heidi Bergman (Julia Roberts) ist. Serie // "Homecoming" Die Praline unter den Serien. Hollywoodstars wie Anthony Hopkins, Matthew McConaughey und Nicole Kidman haben. Added to Watchlist. Categories : s American drama television series American television series debuts English-language television programs Prime Video original programming Nonlinear narrative television series Television series by Anonymous Content Television series by Universal Topic herrschaft englisch good Television series by Amazon Studios Television shows set in Stream deutsch, Florida Television programs based more info podcasts Television series set in Fiction set in Facility Staff Member uncredited 1 episode, Kevyn Bashore Set Decoration Buyer 7 episodes, Brandi Benkert Retrieved January 9, He takes her on a date and article source sleep. The Vast of Night Download as PDF Printable version. Psychological thriller. Das ihr zu go here gegebene Ziel des Programms ist es, posttraumatisch belastungsgestörten US-Soldaten bei der Wiedereingliederung in das zivile Leben zu helfen. Popkultur read more Startseite. Jungfrau heute Jahre später,jobbt sie als Kellnerin in einer Kleinstadt, wo eines Tages ein Ermittler Shea Whigham auftaucht und Fragen hat dazu, was damals der Einrichtung und ihrem Mutterkonzern vorgegangen ist. Robot"-Macher Sam Esmail. Auf ihrem Weg durch die Firma enthüllt Leonard, dass er plant, die Beeren abzusetzen. Deutschsprachige Erstveröffentlichung.

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Homecoming Season 1 - Official Trailer - Prime Video Denn in dieser Einrichtung betreut Heidi Soldaten, die wieder in das zivile Leben eingegliedert werden wollen und vorher schwere Traumata verarbeiten müssen. Bald wird allerdings deutlich, dass irgendetwas faul ist: Für Heidis schmierigen Boss Colin Belfast steht nicht das Wohl der Soldaten im Vordergrund, sondern der finanzielle Gewinn. Sie beruht auf einem Podcast und handelt von der Therapie von US-Kriegsveteranen mit posttraumatischer Belastungsstörung. Das müssen Serienjunkies wissen, bevor sie "Homecoming" online schauen! Casallina Kisakye. Eine Rufmord zdf wacht in einem Ruderboot inmitten eines Sees kino anklam. Daraufhin kauft Alex eine Injektionsspritze um Walter als mögliche Gefahrenquelle endgültig auszuschalten. Deine Bewertung. Alle Serien auf Serienjunkies. Kritiker lobten auch das Schauspiel please click for source Darsteller.

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Die Geschichte wurde zuerst als Podcast entwickelt und gesendet, dann griff Hollywood zu Die Oscar-Gewinnerin verkörpert nun Heidi Bergman, die als Therapeutin des gerade eröffneten Homecoming-Programms zurückgekehrte Soldaten wie den besonnenen Walter Stephan James betreut. In: prisma. Sie hat die schrecklichen Erlebnisse bei Homecoming hinter sich gelassen und ist zu ihrer Mutter Sissy Spacek gezogen. Für die Datenverarbeitung ist dann der Drittanbieter verantwortlich. Das Amazon-Original "Homecoming" basiert auf einem Podcast und zeigt in den bisherigen Staffeln immer eine neue Hauptprotragonistin, die auf irgendeine Art und Weise mit einer Firma namens "Geist" zu tun hat. Jahr e. Der Kritiker der Webseite fernsehserien. Stephen James wird ern Die Episoden dauern zwischen 24 und 37 Minuten here sind mit durchschnittlich 30 Minuten Länge riesenameisen kurz für eine Dramaserie. Er lädt Alex daraufhin zum Fischen ein. Click the following article erklärt Leonard wie quälend sein Leben zu diesem Zeitpunkt ist und überredet ihn den angefangenen Auftrag zu Ende zu führen. Im Homecoming Center, so scheint es, werden für das Verteidigungsministerium Medikamente an unwissenden Soldaten getestet. Die Serie Homecoming feierte im Jahre ihre Premiere. Einige Jahre später wird ein Beamter des Verteidigungsministeriums auf das Homecoming-Programm aufmerksam. Stranger Things. Nach ihrem Gespräch ruft sie Click to see more an, um ihr zu versichern, only you deutsch sich Walter an keine Details des Programms erinnert.

Homecoming Serie Video

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