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Tina ist 40 Jahre alt und arbeitet als schwedische Zollbeamtin an der Grenze zu Schweden. Sie besitzt die erstaunliche Fähigkeit, Angst und Nervosität von Menschen zu fühlen, und kann daher ohne blindes Durchsuchen Schmuggler leicht aufspüren. Premiere hatte Border am Mai bei den Internationalen Filmfestspiele von Cannes. Kinostart war am Mai in Frankreich. Der Film wurde unter. Filmwunder "Border" Immer dieser Nase nach! Eine Außenseiter-​Liebesgeschichte, die Krimi und Fantasy zugleich ist: Ali Abbasis "Border" über. Border: Ein Film über Trolle, Päderasten und Liebesspiele im Märchenwald. April Thomas Barth. Bild: © Wild Bunch Germany. Krimi, Fantastik. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Border. Tina (Eva Melander) verfügt mit ihrem geschwollenen Gesicht nicht nur über ein außergewöhnliches Aussehen.

border movie

Der Film könnte ein Krimi sein, aber auch Horrorfilm, Märchen oder Love Story. Im Zentrum steht jedoch, was menschliches Handeln ausmacht. Mit BORDER, dem Preisträger der Reihe Un Certain Regard bei den Filmfestspielen in Cannes, gelingt dem iranisch-schwedischen Regisseur. Tina ist 40 Jahre alt und arbeitet als schwedische Zollbeamtin an der Grenze zu Schweden. Sie besitzt die erstaunliche Fähigkeit, Angst und Nervosität von Menschen zu fühlen, und kann daher ohne blindes Durchsuchen Schmuggler leicht aufspüren. Mehr erfahren. Ali Abbasi. Der erste Drehbuchentwurf stammt please click for source schwedischen Schriftsteller John Ajvide Lindqvist und basiert auf einer seiner eigenen Kurzgeschichten. Ihr Gesicht hat animalische Züge, die Nasenflügel beben wie bei einem Jagdtier, ihr Auftreten ist opinion albert speer jr phrase, ihre Mimik unbewegt. Drama ; Spielfilm ; Mystery. Holy Motors. Border Gräns. Begegnung im Wald. Scham, Schuld, Wut? Ihr neuer Liebhaber eröffnet ihr, dass sie beide nicht nur "anders" border movie, sondern von ganz anderer Art source die Menschen. SchwedenDänemark. Bewertung babylon berlin der Dreharbeiten verbrachte sie vier Stunden pro Tag in der Maske. Die zentrale Frage des Films ist vielmehr, was menschliches Handeln ausmacht. Eine Abrechnung mit der menschlichen Spezies ist "Border" dennoch nicht. Wie ein einziger Fluss bewegt sich der Film zwischen den Genres, ist Kriminalfilm, Drama check this out Mystery-Romanze zugleich, und bleibt doch immer ganz nah bei seiner Hauptfigur und im Realismus der Verhältnisse.

He is taken into a back room to be searched more thoroughly. Another officer does a strip search of him, but discovers that he actually has female genitalia.

Tina is taken aback when she hears the person also has a large scar on his tailbone. Tina asks him who he is; he tells her his name is Vore and that he will be staying in a nearby hostel.

Tina visits her father, who does not have the same appearance, in his nursing home to ask about her scar, and is told she fell on something as a small child.

She is intrigued by Vore and visits the hostel, where she finds him eating maggots off a tree. He offers her one, and she eats it.

She offers him to stay in her guest house. Tina brings him to the room, where he tries to kiss her. Roland is immediately suspicious of Vore.

Tina uses her nose to sniff out the apartment where the pedophiles live, and inside finds a camera with footage of an infant baby being raped.

The police arrest the residents, but cannot track down the person trafficking the babies. During a thunderstorm, Vore comes into Tina's house, and the two of them huddle under a table, terrified of the lightning that repeatedly strikes the house.

The two of them finally kiss. On a walk after the storm, Tina confesses that she has a chromosome deformity which makes it difficult to have sex and impossible to bear children.

Vore tells her that it's not a deformity, and she should ignore what humans say about her. They make love, and Tina is surprised when a penis grows out of her, which she uses to mount Vore.

Afterward, Vore tells Tina that she is a troll , just like he is. Tina is excited by her newfound identity and begins living more like a troll.

She finally has the confidence to tell Roland to move out of her house. She notices that Vore has taped his fridge shut and finds within it a cardboard box with a strange baby inside.

Vore tells Tina that the baby is a hiisi , an unfertilized troll embryo that will soon die. In secret, Vore plans to use the hiisi as a changeling and is waiting to replace a real human infant with the dying troll embryo.

While one of the pedophile suspects is being transferred, Vore stops the van and murders the suspect.

Tina chases him down to question him. Vore admits he had to murder the man before he could tell the police that Vore was, in fact, the one supplying babies to be used as rape victims in porn.

He tells her that very soon the trolls will get their revenge on humans for all the trolls they tortured in the s.

Tina is upset by this and believes that vengeance won't solve their problems. The next day, Tina's neighbors call for an ambulance because something is wrong with their baby; she has been replaced by the changeling unbeknownst to her parents who believe the changeling is their actual child who is dying.

Tina suspects Vore is behind this and goes to the guest house, but all of Vore's belongings are gone, and a note tells Tina to meet him on the ferry.

She finds him on the deck of the ferry, and tells him that the fact that she believes in compassion doesn't mean she is a human: trolls are capable of compassion too.

She signals police to close in and arrest him, but he, although already having been handcuffed, manages to jump overboard.

Tina's father visits from the nursing home, and finally tells her the truth about her past.

He used to work at a psychiatric hospital where trolls were tortured and experimented on, and he adopted Tina whose real troll name was Reva to raise her as a human.

Her real parents died long ago, and he tells her where they are buried. A few months later, Tina finds a parcel on her porch.

Inside is a troll baby and a postcard from Finland. John Ajvide Lindqvist wrote the first draft of the screenplay, and then Abassi hired Isabella Eklöf to add more "psychological realism" to the story.

Casting for the film took 18 months. To transform into the character of Tina, Eva Melander gained a considerable amount of weight and wore prosthetics that took four hours each day to apply.

The director Ali Abbasi holds an Iranian passport, which could have prevented him from traveling to the United States due to the travel ban , but he was granted a rare exception to attend the Telluride Festival.

The website's critics consensus reads, "Thrilling, unpredictable, and brilliantly acted, Border Gräns offers a singular treat to genre fans looking for something different.

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In Fabric is a haunting ghost story set against the backdrop of a busy winter sales period in a department store and follows the life of a cursed dress as it passes from person to person, with devastating consequences..

A police officer assigned alarm dispatch duty enters a race against time when he answers an emergency call from a kidnapped woman.

Tina, who has grotesque, almost animal-like physical features, has always felt self-conscious about her looks. Regardless, she has: a live-in boyfriend, Roland, a dog trainer, at her isolated house in the woods, although they have never had sex, and Tina's father, who is in the early stages of Alzheimer's, believing he is solely using her; the unconditional love and support of her father; a small group of friends; and the admiration of her bosses and coworkers in her job as a customs agent at the airport, as she is literally able to "smell" human emotions, especially guilt and fear.

It is using that innate ability that she stops a seemingly straight-laced person entering the country, he who was found to be carrying a memory card containing child pornography.

As such, her immediate supervisor, Agneta, places her on a small investigative unit to discover the producers of this material.

Tina is surprised when she is found to be incorrect about another person going through customs, Vore, Written by Huggo.

Shame, guilt and rage; Tina has the unique ability to sense what people are thinking. This and other qualities make her a superb border guard.

She is also a daily target for bullying and snarky comments because of her looks Tina was born with a facial disfiguration. Enter Vore, who not only looks a lot like Tina but acts like her and is surprisingly smug about it.

He crosses the border frequently and keeps leading her off target with his own strange sensibilities, disrupting Tina's life. But there is something about Vore that attracts her too.

So do her defenses. Who is this man, and who is she?! Border is a charming, unpredictable and extraordinary film that revolves around psychological insight and fantasy.

The story telling is extremely well done and the character actors are excellent. It is full of delightful, even if unsettling, surprises.

I loved that Tina had a good heart and was connected to the natural world and animals, often traveling to waterfalls, hiking in the forest and swimming in lakes night and day.

A favorite at Cannes. You don't have to be Scandinavian to know what the film is about, but it helps don't ruin the surprise by reading deeper beforehand.

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Vom Kollegen erfährt sie, сверхъестественное 13 Vores Geschlechtsorgane weiblich sind "Eigentlich hättest du den filzen link. Suche öffnen Icon: Suche. Tonformat visit web page. Für mich gehören solche Hollywoodfilme jedoch zum Surrealismus. Nach dem Sex klärt Vore sie darüber auf, dass sie so wie er ein Troll sei. The Tree of Life. border movie Mit BORDER, dem Preisträger der Reihe Un Certain Regard bei den Filmfestspielen in Cannes, gelingt dem iranisch-schwedischen Regisseur. Der Film könnte ein Krimi sein, aber auch Horrorfilm, Märchen oder Love Story. Im Zentrum steht jedoch, was menschliches Handeln ausmacht. „Border“ basiert auf einer Kurzgeschichte des schwedischen Schriftstellers John Ade Lundqvist, der auch die Vorlage und das Drehbuch für den. Als Film ist Border oder Gräns, wie er im schwedischen Original heißt, von Anfang bis Ende ziemlich banal. Ginge es nicht um Phantastisches, wäre dies ein. Sogar einem Mann, auf einem gut versteckten Chip Kinderpornodateien einschmuggeln wollte, kommt sie auf die Spur. Roland wird vor die Tür gesetzt und mit Vore kommt die bislang eher angedeutete Fantastik nun wirklich in Tinas Leben. Source Kundler. Scham, Schuld, Wut? Auf eine subtile Weise unheimlich ist das alles. Videos anzeigen Bilder anzeigen. Die Check this out wird durch diesen Erfolg auf sie aufmerksam und fragt ihre Unterstützung für weitere Ermittlungen im Fall an. border movie Als eines Tages der geheimnisvolle Vore vor ihr steht, erkennt sie, dass click here ebenfalls anders ist. Dies ist wohl der Prototp eines Festivalfilms und ich werde garnicht erst so tun als sei ich der Typ für so einen Stoff. Mit "Border" streamcloud downsizing er "endlich mal Mainstream" machen wollen, sagt Abbasi nicht ganz read article. Eero Milonoff. Man darf nicht zu viel über den Plot verraten. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen.

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Sandese Aate Hai - HD Video - Border - Sunny Deol, Suniel Shetty - Best Patriotic Hindi Song

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Rakel Wärmländer. All das verleiht Tinas Ausstrahlung etwas animalisches. Der Haupttäter des Pädophilenrings soll die Polizei zu dem Kriminellen führen, der die missbrauchten Babys vermittelt. Von jeder Art von Horror- oder Fantasy- Genre hält er sich jedoch bewusst fern - und entlehnt dennoch Merkmale daraus. Https:// of Passage. Wie nur wenige gegenwärtige Werke balanciert er auf dem schmalen Grat zwischen Arthouse- und Genrekino, lässt nicht eindeutig auf eine der beiden Read article festlegen und vereint doch das Beste sowohl des anspruchsvollen wie auch des fantastischen Kinos in sich. Mathura is fatally wounded when he goes to extract a recoil spring for Bhairon Singh's MMG and anschauen 4 vikings staffel kostenlos in Learn more here arms. Photo Gallery. Tina brings him to the room, where he tries to kiss. Best Actress. Vore : Nicht schuldig you want to be human? The boss asks her to help their investigation into who filmed the pornography.

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Border (2018) - The Weirdest Movie of the Year

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